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Could She BE Any More Nostalgic? Courteney Cox Shares a New 'Friends' Throwback

Gettyimages | E! Entertainment
By Alyssa McCraw

We're always thankful for Courteney Cox, and today is no exception. We'd say it's because she's always been there for us (and we're there for her, too) but that'd be lame - and even though the previous sentiment is true, it's not the reason for today's writing.

Courteney has gifted us with a new throwback photo taken behind the scenes of Friends. Her January 23rd Instagram post was captioned "'The Last Supper' before taping "The Last One' on January 23, 2004."

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The show-stopped filming sixteen years ago today. That means she's been holding onto this pic for fifteen January 23rds!

In other well-executed attempts to make us cry, Gellar's Cox's post came with a second photo - a tight shot of the final script's front cover, reading "'The Last One,' Part II, Episode 17." Something tells us at that this second picture isn't a throwback, but maybe we're secretly hoping that Court keeps this priceless piece of memorabilia readily available in her home.

Like, who needs a coffee table book when you have an original script for the final episode of Friends?

Gettyimages | LEE CELANO

Posted around 7pm Eastern time, Cox's post has already gained over 1.4 million likes. In addition, Jennifer Aniston's comment (which simply reads "😭😭😭") has received over 15,000 likes of its own.

It can't be just us. Isn't it just the greatest thing to know that the Friends are really friends? It might seem that Courteney has a favorite 'friend' or two - or at least ones she's able to see more often.

About a week ago, Courteney was tagged in a picture set shared by a certain co-star.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Phoebe Buffay."

But wait, there's more!

Clicking to the right will reveal that Jennifer Aniston was also a part of said girls night! "Bliss," Kudrow's caption read, "And more bliss," followed by a hashtag of "good girl friends."

Lisa, who isn't super active on the 'gram, shared another pic with Cox about four weeks ago. We're unsure of the backstory but it looks like Courteney (literally) has egg on her face. "Again Court???" Kudrow asked in the caption. There's an inside joke here, and we want in.

Pictures like these are the fuel to the Friends reunion fire.

We reported last Thursday that any plans for a reboot are on a break. However, series creator Marta Kaufman previously said there would never be a reboot in the first place!

"One of the reasons we won’t do a reunion is because this is a show about a time in your life when your friends are your family. And when you have a family, that changes," Kaufman said in 2019. "But the other reason is it’s not going to beat what we did.”

Could they BE anymore confusing?

Until then, we'll keep living for these mini-Insta-reunions. Thanks, Court!

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