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'Dancing With the Stars' Christie Brinkley Isn't Healing 'Fast Enough'

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By Ivy Pope

Dancing With the Stars isn't as fun as it seems when you're Christie Brinkley. The contestant was injured four months ago and has yet to heal properly. Her daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook stepped in to take her place on the reality dance competition stage.

In an interview with PEOPLE NOW, Brinkley talks about going in for an appointment to receive platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, which should help her heal faster. PRP is the process of injecting patients' own platelets into the injured area, and is believed to speed the healing process. She's done this before, and is not hesitant to do so again.

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Brinkley is frustrated because she loves to dance, and on top of being injured and unable to participate in a hobby she adores, there are the critics and fans who think that she's faked the injury and rigged her daughter taking over her position.

In an Instagram post, Christie tags her daughter and talks about the haters and conspiracy theorists.

It goes against my better judgement to acknowledge haters and conspiracy theorists but because this involves my precious daughter I’m setting the record straight. It’s sad that we live in a time where the truth is not as scintillating as hurtful lies. If it was just me I would have let this roll right off my back, but on #nationaldaughtersday I feel it’s the perfect opportunity to stand up for truth. Thank you for being such an amazing daughter @sailorbrinkleycook for overcoming your fears to step in I’m so proud of you ! But I STILL want my favorite jeans back !

The fact that people believe she faked an injury to get her daughter on the show is outrageous. Her daughter reported in an interview that the news of her mother's injury was told to her before her flight to watch her mother compete had even taken off. The proposed idea was stated then too, but Sailor Brinkley-Cook refused to answer until she had thought about it during the flight.

Obviously, she chose to step in for her mother. And it seems that was a hard thing for Sailor to do, as her mother's Instagram post implies that Brinkley-Cook has some sort of fear--perhaps of dancing in public or being up on stage, who really knows.

Maybe this ordeal is the ordeal we need as a society to wake up and stop calling people on lies. Sure, maybe sometimes a celebrity will lie to get attention--but that doesn't mean they all are, and that doesn't mean every time a celebrity speaks they're lying. They're people too, with lives outside of the public eye, trying to do their very best to live their best life.

Who's right is it in this society to make somebody else feel down, even if they're more 'powerful' than you? Nobodies.

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