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Beyonce Confronts Fabolous Over Unauthorized Solange Lyric

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By Lenny

American rapper, Fabolous was confronted by Beyonce and her sister Solange over the usage of both of their names in a single he produced with Nicki Minaj in 2010. "For the Money" was a project, Fabolous rapped in 10 years ago and the Knowles had a problem with the verse he came up with that included the two powerhouse artists.

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In a radio interview on The Breakfast Club, Fabolous elaborated on how the two sisters were upset with him and Beyonce even confided to him telling the 42-year-old rapper that even though he is a great lyricist, these words can still hurt or offend people. Beyonce still has a massive amount of respect for Fabolous as she had to listen to his music in order to figure out that her sister was being included in a disrespectful punchline.

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Fabolous' lyric regarding Solange states: “Because if you could have Beyoncé, would you take Solange?” This verse hints that Beyonce's beauty and star power are ahead of Solange's which as a big sister, I am sure Beyonce wasn't okay with that. It is good to know that Beyonce is very protective of her little sister because there was a lot of speculation in the past that Solange was being overshadowed by Beyonce's career and celebrity presence.

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People like Fabolous are upholding this idea that Solange is beneath Beyonce when in reality they both maintain their own genres of music. When Fabolous finally confronted Solange at the Soho House in New York City, she accepted his apology but left him with a valuable note. She emphasized that "the tongue is mighty and when you say something — especially somebody of your stature — that if you say something, make sure that this is something you want to say. Because you could be hurting somebody that you don’t even know."

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Solange responded with such grace and respect when it came to Fabolous' offensive verse. This goes to show that even when you are at the celebrity level people will still receive offense to commentary or artistry that is shedding a negative light upon another person's career or art. Fabolous exemplified that hearing those wise words from Solange changed his perspective upon disses and lyric-making. Furthermore, he felt very apologetic for his verse and explained how hearing their offense to his music allowed him to mature as an artist going forward and will stick with him throughout his entire career.

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