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'Grey's Anatomy' Loses Another Cast Member

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By Ivy Pope

November 14 is when the last episode of Grey's Anatomy featuring Justin Chambers as Alex Karev aired. The series has featured Justin Chambers for sixteen long years, and it's a terrible shock to fans everywhere to hear that he's leaving. After all, Alex and Meredith are the only original interns left on the show.

The original set of interns were: Meredith, George, Cristina, Alex and Izzie. Over the years it's slowly dwindled down until it was just Meredith and Alex... Now I guess it's just Meredith.

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Now, he's not the first main cast member to leave the medical soap, and all of the fans have gotten used to saying goodbye, but it'll be surreal to see a season of Grey's without Alex, nonetheless.

Fans have said goodbye to some favorites, such as:

Derek, Cristina, George, Izzie, Callie, Arizona, April and more.

But what's odd to the fans is that there was not a satisfying sendoff, or a death... Alex just vanishes! It is implied that he was visiting his mother, but there was no indication of returning.

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Here are some of my favorite "Evil Spawn" moments.

In season one, Alex truly earned the nickname "Evil Spawn", from talking badly to nurses to posting photos of Izzie's lingerie shoot around the entire hospital. However he had endearing moments too, such as when Cristina and him competed to see who could deliver the most test results; all the while dodging hugs from patients.

And of course, we can't forget that Alex gave George syphilis. No, they didn't have sex, but Alex slept with Olivie prior to Olivia and George's relationship and well... wear condoms, kids.

Alex Karev was never a static character; he changed constantly throughout the course of the show. In sixteen seasons, Karev has had many relationships but only two were long-term--those were with Izzie and Jo. During these relationships you truly see Alex change, one relationship he's idolizing a woman with cancer, and trying to make her life better. In the other, he's truly found his match and begins to change for her.

Ugh, and of course we can't forget the Alex/Rebecca storyline. Alex found a ferry boat victim who did not remember her name, or claimed not too when it later came back to her. He tried his hardest to take care of Rebecca, who was not mentally stable. He believed he could care for her because he cared about her--and she reminded him a lot of his mother, who he had spent his childhood taking care of.

Or that time he sang to a girl who was nervous and calmed around music, but could not take her iPod into the machine with her.

Honestly, he's amazing and there's so much more to him than being just "Evil Spawn".

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