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Halsey Feels Apologetic After One World Trade Center Comment

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By Lenny

January 17th was the debut of Halsey's third studio album, Manic. The album received critical acclaim for its alternative singles which included Halsey's most popular song, "Without Me." The Pop song that was played on almost every radio station earned nearly one billion streams on Spotify. With this staggering statistic along with the release of her newest project, Halsey is reaching new heights as a Pop-Punk artist from New Jersey but one media outlet had an opposing opinion.

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The major Indie music outlet, Pitchfork had negative reviews upon Halsey's album, Manic. The new source gave Halsey's album a poor rating which meant the album only stood for a 6.5/10. The critique the outlet gave Halsey was immensely shocking, stating that Halsey's newest work "sounds like the amorphous pop that you might associate with a miserable Lyft ride." Of course, this assertion did not sit well with the 25-year-old singer and she took her frustrations to Twitter which is never a smart decision because everything that is published on social media can be easily taken out of context. Halsey's situation was no different than any other Pop Culture star choosing to use their social platforms as a diary to release all of their emotional dilemmas.

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Halsey's response to Pitchfork's reviews lacked good judgement as she expressed to her fans on Twitter: "Can the basement that they run Pitchfork out of just collapse already." The popular outlet is based in Manhattan's One World Trade Center which has been terrorized and threatened multiple times throughout American history. Not knowing this significant piece of information, Halsey received a whirlwind of backlash and hate on the internet which led to her instantly apologizing.

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Halsey then tweeted that she "was just trying to make a joke! Intended zero harm. Just figured I could poke at them back with the same aloof passive aggression they poke at artists with! Clearly a misunderstanding." Luckily, her loyal fans took her back and this isn't the first occasion where another world-renowned pop artist releases their anger on social media referring to yet another Pitchfork review.

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Lizzo and Halsey have something in common now especially since the Houston-raised artist lashed out against the music outlet when they gave her the exact same rating Halsey got on her Manic album. This may go to show how credible artists view musical newsources who judge and critique their work. Especially since these American artists are the ones who keep the productivity of these publications and outlets busy with their projects and attempts at impressing the general public with their artistry.

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