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Bill Maher Explains Issue With James Corden

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By kenadijiba

Traditional radio and television are truly beginning to fall off the map. In the year 2020 people don't take time to watch cable like they used to. This new era has young people glued to their laptops and passing time with Youtube in the background. A pioneer of this new wave of podcasts and providing long-standing interviews with some of the most interesting faces of our time is Joe Rogan. His podcast does not only attract one type of audience. His influence has holds with your weird Uncle Bo and your annoying hippie sister Sandra. Whether you're running down 5th Avenue or debating existential issues in your damp room Joe Rogan has probably invaded your ear waves.

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Joe Rogan Takeover


A guest who actually insisted on doing promotion for his critically acclaimed show decided to pay Joe a visit a few days ago. This guest was Bill Maher and if anyone knows anything about him they know he has no time for nonsense. His lack of political correctness is what has incrementally solidified his standing as a respected pundit. But with Joe Rogan there isn't a limitation on what bizarre conversations you can fall into. What this episode in particular covered in a little over an hour was the effects of porn, dissecting the anomaly that is Bill Cosby, and why people voted for Trump. As this “chill bro” like conversation was coming to an end Maher unflinchingly brought up the whole “spat” with James Corden.

Bill Maher on Obesity


Bill Maher didn't fall back on his comments in true Bill fashion and actually called Corden out for not taking this very publicized situation on obesity as a moment to admit that there is an unhealthy component to it. Bill also went on to say we are living in a time where everyone wants to believe “ they are perfect as they are”. He didn't come out saying that people should disrespect or defame people who just so happen to be obese, on the contrary, he said glamorizing being overweight is a dangerous pathway to . There was also a discussion on Julian Michaels and her response to a question on Lizzo’s weight. Her matter of fact response of being at that weight cannot be healthy at 40 got her into a boatload of trouble. Maher actually defended her thoughts and said crucifying a professional fitness trainer about her thoughts on obesity just doesn't make much sense. Time and again Maher proves that he won't agree with the status quo, and some people will love him for it while others simply won't.

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