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Elizabeth Warren Promises A Majority Female Cabinet

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By kenadijiba

The other day on “The View” a conversation over Elizabeth Warren’s statement on having a majority women cabinet had a lot of conflicting opinions. With Meghan McCain being known for her Republican ideals, and the rest of the panel leaning more on the liberal side of things the conversation was met with multiple viewpoints, no pun intended. When you think of “The View” specifically there is an air of potential public meltdowns over the passionate conversation. With iconic moments with Elizabeth Hasselback fighting Rosie O’ Donnell and Whoopi walking off stage with Joy Behar in response to Bill O’Reilly, this show has a knack for drama. But, with this discussion, there didn't seem to be too much animosity.

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The Hot Topic on "The View"


The topic on the panel recently was Elizabeth Warren’s decision to have a majority of women cabinet if she does become president. Meghan McCain's response to this was of non-agreement. Her feeling surrounding the subject was that Warren does not represent her conservative values and in turn, would just elect to put in women who do not align with what she identifies with personally. Her clear dislike for identity politics also had her at odds with Warren's comments. For McCain and many other people a person should be elected to office based on the content, and the quality of professionalism they exude not solely on their race, religion, or creed. When Whoopi chimed in her argument was more so that when people believe for example someone just voted for President Barack Obama because he is black, there is an assumption that others are insulting their intelligence by believing someone would be casual enough to vote for another person based on their identity without taking the time to be educated on their values.

Identity Versus Quality


So, should women be supportive of Elizabeth Warren because of her gender? Is there an unspoken overarching secret that if your Mexican then Julian Castro should have been “your guy”. When doing the work it actually shows that people generally do vote more so on qualifications and stature. Does likeness play a part? Naturally, it does but people are definitely privy to the education level, and the standards they have towards the importance of their own personal issues that they would like to be highlighted in whichever candidate queue up with those exact desires. A good point that Sunny Hostin made on the panel was that it is possible that identity politics and real equipped people can coincide for a happy along with the fair medium.

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