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Justin Bieber Tries To 'Prove' His Love For Wife Hailey On Instagram

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By kenadijiba

Since the pop legend Justin Bieber has been married to model Hailey Baldwin the judgment flag has been flying oh so high. Before they made it official fans were not accepting of their relationship. The history Bieber has had with the adored Disney Channel Princess Selena Gomez not only left its mark on him but also has a place in the hearts of every teenager who grew up in the “Jelena” era. It seems like both Selena and Justin will never be able to escape the chains connected to one another for what looks like an eternity. Depressingly, this cult like obsession with the past is more than likely haunting Hailey not to mention the forever comparison between her and Gomez is almost impossible to live up to.

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The Power of Young Love


When it comes to the hold a “first love” has on anyone there always will be a bit of unfinished business. This right here is the perfect encapsulation of what feelings Gomez and Bieber probably still have for eachother. Letting go looks to be difficult for Bieber still, even after putting on a ring on Hailey’s finger. His public displays of affection towards his wife do at times seem “too much”, and disingenuous. Almost as if he is trying to convince everyone he is in love with her in order to convince himself. With various social media antics caught by this generation of “instagram investigators” who don't miss a beat, Justin has been accused of creeping on Gomez’s profile. During Coachella Bieber and Hailey were both in attendance as Selena was performing, and when he posted publicly something on his Insta Story it was clear that he had searched Selena Gomez’s name along with her song “Taki Taki”. So, is Justin really over her? No, due to the time they spent together in such important streams of growth and the countless extraordinary experiences there is no way he could erase her from his brain.

Can They Make It Through?

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So, where does this leave Hailey at. It is evident that in the Bieber household she is always trying to compete with the ghost of a relationship that she will never be able to touch. Those moments are solidified in time. For her, this is probably a staple wound in their marriage. Especially with her having social media and indulging in the countless comments pounding the vivid memory of “Jelena” into her soul. As a couple this type of never ending hill is going to be unbelievably tough to pounce over, but there is always hope.

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