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Kelly Ripa

Why Lola's Debit Card Was 'Shut Down?' Her Mum Kelly Ripa Reveals Funny Reason

Gettyimages | J. Countess
By Alan Blake

Kelly Ripa, 49, recently shut down one of her daughter’s debit cards after she discovered Lola was organizing with food delivery apps to have meals delivered to her. Speaking to U.S. Weekly, the 49-year-old confessed she was not aware that her daughter Lola had post mates with whom the college student signed for meals. As parents, they had allegedly signed her for meals at college, but Lola did not like what the school served, thus she preferred to order from post mates.

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Kelly Ripa and  Lola Consuelos
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However, the most painful bit of Lola’s post mates’ deal was the price at which she ordered the meals. Despite her parents paying for her meals at college, US Magazine reports she went ahead to pay $25 for a $7 package, the extra cash being the delivery fee, yet the distance was only three blocks in NYC. Both Ripa and her husband did not take their daughter's expensive decision lightly, and as Rita puts it, they shut down the debit card that Lola had.

Ryan Seacrest
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Earlier in the week, the talk show host came out to thank Ryan Seacrest, her co-host whom she alleges to have influenced her resolution to quit drinking. In her Monday show, she joked saying that people claimed that Americans had bought just a little wine last year and that she was only having the first drop of the first quarter of the year. She believed the reduced consumption was a result of her decision to quit drinking, and it had significantly influenced the market.

Kelly Ripa
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While Ripa feels happy about it, she admits she quit being an alcoholic in 2017, the same year her co-host joined the show. However, her husband does not attribute the change fully to Seacrest and believes it was partly due to Ripa’s decision to live a healthy life. Her husband noted that the show host is extremely hard working towards her profession, and her commitment towards living a healthy life is quite admirable, with the benefits evident. He added that even though his wife Kelly Ripa still wore a bikini at 47, she was yet to have many more.

Kelly Ripa
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Early in the month, she had pulled parties to Instagram on different occasions. She first called her man ‘daddy’ and took to Instagram to show off the lad with a new haircut. She rocked a bedazzled turban in celebration of the twenty-fifth new-year eve with her husband, Mark. Ripa, with Kelly and Ryan show host, stunned in a glittering black outfit and a pop color headgear. Her fans had all the comments with some adding that it was the best-looking turban they had ever seen.

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