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Justin Claims He Did Not Cheat, He and Jessica Biel Seem To Be "OK"

Gettyimages | Pascal Le Segretain
By Mario Perez

When you are in a public relationship you have to know that everything you do or say can be framed in a negative light. To quote Brad Pit, "Anyone I am standing next too they think I am dating."

If you are doing a little more than just standing around together it safe to say that the tabloids are going to be all over you. That is exactly what happened to Justin Timberlake after he was spotted holding hands with his "Palmer" co-star.

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Why Is This Such A Big Deal?

There have opinions on both sides of the argument. Some people take this situation to not be such a big deal. Then when you get to know the details about Justin being pretty drunk when all of this is going on. Something that can kind of be seen from the pictures. You can clearly see why Jessica Biel would have had an issue.

He was drunk and he was getting pretty playful with his co-star. That is not exactly model behavior for a 38-year-old married guy.

We Have an Apology

The apology has been written and sent out for some time now. Yet, still, sort of clouds of doubt and potential divorce have loomed over the couple for the past month. Yet, one of the problems that a lot of people saw with the incident was the fact that it took JT some time to actually speak publically about what had happened.

It safe to say that Biel is probably going to want to implement a no drinking while on and off set for her husband moving forward.

Jessica Believes Nothing Happened

Giphy | E!

Multiple reports indicate that Jessica Biel and Timberlake are fine just going about their business. They have been seen out together in public both informal events and just going about their lives as usual. One of the reasons though why there is still a lot of speculation over the situation is the fact that she has not issued a public statement on the matter.

This is something that is actually not typical of stars to do. Usually, they want to be quick to squash all of the rumors. Still sources close to the couple claim there is no divorce talk or anything close to that going on.

So What is The Movie About?

As the saying goes any publicity is good publicity and the producers on the movie Palmer are probably happy that this controversy popped up on the set. There was not a lot of publicity being placed on this film before this happened.

It is safe to say that people may just be interested now to see if there is any tension or vibe that you could see on screen between Timberlake and Alisha Wainwright. If you are one of those people, you are going to want to see this movie that drops later this year.

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