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More Family Members to Criticize Her: Thomas Markle Jr. Has Now Stated He Was Betrayed by Meghan

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By Zachary Holt

Meghan Markle's family has come out in full force to criticize her over her and Prince Harry's decision to step back from their responsibilities as senior members of the royal family and move to North America. First, it was Meghan's sister, Samantha, who unleashed vitriolic attacks on the couple, only to be followed by their father, Thomas Markle, who recently criticized Meghan and Harry for 'cheapening the royals'. Now, a third family member has come out of the woodwork and given his opinion on the matter. This time, though, it's her brother, Thomas Markle Jr. who's providing the tongue lashings.

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Thomas Markle Jr. Initially Offers Some Rudimentary Support and Praise

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Thomas Markle Jr. got his chance to criticize his sister and her husband this past Monday on the Australian morning show, Sunrise.

The conversation started out promising, with her half-brother lending some rudimentary support. He claimed that while he didn't 'necessarily support' Meghan's move, he's convinced that the decision was about 'two people in love wanting to live their life the way they want to live it'.

Markle Jr. would go on to share some praise for his sister. "I think that’s [royal title] probably one of the biggest achievements you can ever get in life and to be on that pedestal and that position is a major honor for anybody in the entire world."

Meghan's Brother Doesn't Understand What Was Behind the Decision

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When Markle Jr. was asked why he believed his sister and Prince Harry made the decision to do what they did, he responded by saying it was simply a matter of them wanting to live a more independent life. "It would just have to be a simple explanation is they want to go live their lives the way they want to live them and I guess they want to do it in private," he explained.

Markle Jr. then changed his tone and shared that, overall, he was surprised by the decision and shared that it was 'a little bit insulting'. "It can be one thing, it could be Meghan wanting her way and not wanting to live under anybody’s control, and then it could be her and Harry want to go off and be private and not be bothered by any responsibilities except for their own," he said explaining his rationale.

The Family Feels Betrayed by Who Meghan Has Become

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Later in the interview, things began to hit the metaphorical fan and go south. He began to explain that he felt betrayed by Meghan and the person she has become, specifically, someone who she didn't recognize any longer. "She is my sister and I’ve always loved her," he said. "We had a great upbringing, we had a really good childhood. It’s like my father said, ‘I don’t recognize this person in my daughter anymore’ and neither do I and the rest of the family."

"I have to support her one way and I have to be on the fence about a lot of different subjects. Obviously, I wish her well and the best in life, but on the other hand, I don’t believe in some of her actions as far as disowning her family and saying that we don’t exist when we’ve given her a great childhood and upbringing. But like I said, I do love her, she is my sister", Markle Jr. continued.

"I feel a bit betrayed being shoved off to the side like I don’t exist… like the rest of the family."

Markle Jr. Credits Father's Heart Attack Incident on Wedding Day for Bad Vibes

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The one moment that Markle Jr. credits for leaving a bad taste in his mouth were on Meghan and Harry's wedding day when their father fell ill and subsequently, had a heart attack. He claims that Meghan never reached out to him to see if he was ok and if he'd be recovering.

"There’s one thing that really did bother me, right at the wedding when my father became ill and he actually had a heart attack," he explained. "I was very surprised and very hurt that she didn’t reach out to him and make sure he was okay and actually go visit him — so that gave me a little bad taste in my mouth about the subject, I didn’t recognize that person."

It will be interesting to see if any other family members come out and give their own criticisms of Meghan and Harry. It seems more than likely another will, though, at least at this rate.

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