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Will William & Kate See Increased Royal Duties With Harry Out of the Picture?

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By Mario Perez

Some people think that being a royal is just sunshine and rainbows. You get to kick back and sip on some tea and maybe something stronger. While servants tend to your every need. While the royals may never have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen they actually have very busy lives.

They have to make appearances and charity events all over the world and at times they are even used as ambassadors for political reasons. The fact that only one "young" royal couple remains in the fold can change the entire way the royal family goes about things.

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There Are Actually People Keeping Score

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The way that the royal family works is pretty simple. The government pays them many to carry out public duties. There is actually an 87-year-old man that keeps track of the number of public appearances that each royal makes. Just as a personal hobby.

In 2019 the scores ran as follows; Prince Charles was in the lead with 521 public appearances. Which, were followed in close second by his sister Princess Anne with 506. That means that these two are usually in around 2 public events a day. If you take into account their holidays you see that when they are actively they are very busy!

Hence Harry's Decision

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle first announced that they were removing themselves from active royal duties due to the fact that they wanted to become financially independent they apparently planned to split their time between Canda and the UK. One of the key points was the fact that they claimed they wanted to continue to serve the queen.

Yet, they will not be able to really keep that promise. Since they will not be part of the government payroll they are not going to partake in official royal visits. At least not behalf of the British people. To put things into perspective they could have an informal visit with their pals the Obamas, but they would not go to the White House to see President Trump.

What is This Going To Mean For William & Kate?

Prince William was already the more active of the younger generation of senior royals. He put in 220 engagements on behalf of his grandmother. While his wife the Duchess of Cambridge put in 116 official public appearances. Harry had appeared in 201 public appearances and Meghan Markle had been out and about 83 times. This could mean that William and Kate are going to have to almost double their workload. Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are out of the picture.

Harry Was Not The Only Royal To Step Aside

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It is crazy to think that actually Harry's departure sort of overshadowed the unceremonious departure of his uncle Prince Andrew. Of course, in that case he was more or less asked to leave.

The weird part about it was that Andrew was actually doing more royal duties than both the sons of Diana. His charities and patronages are kind of in a limbo state as of now. All thanks to his connections with some pretty notable pedophiles. With all of this, it is safe to say it is going to be a busy year in Kensington Palace.

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