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Selena Gomez at the American Music Awards 2019

Selena Gomez Leaves Fans Stunned Over Subliminal Jab At Justin Bieber

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre/AMA2019
By Maurice Cassidy

After having poured her heart out on her new album, “Rare,” it’s not hard to understand why Selena Gomez would feel very passionate about landing the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 200.

But after the record’s release on January 10, it appeared as if the singer was in close competition with Roddy Ricch’s “Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial,” and in an effort to guarantee herself the top spot, Selena asked fans to stream her new music.

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The Race To No.1 Was Close For Selena


Via Instagram, she asked fans to purchase and stream her new songs — and it paid off, as she nabbed the number one spot and managed to sell a whopping 112,000 copies (SPS) in the process.

But on January 23, despite the success of her album, Selena Gomez felt it was important to let her fans know that her actions to self-promote her music on social media felt “inauthentic” given that it was only for the sake of landing the number one spot.

She Apologized To Fans For Her Actions

Selena Gomez on 'The Tonight Show'
Gettyimages | NBC

"It's officially out! I was a bit embarrassed asking so often for you to stream or buy my album,” she explained in a message, thanking fans for their support with her latest project, which she describes as her most personal record to date.

Selena Gomez went on to say, "It felt inauthentic. Thank YOU so much for making something so personal to me be a moment I’ll never forget. All I truly desire is for you all to enjoy the music and spread the love.”

Throwing Shade At An Ex?

Giphy | Justin Bieber

Many fans got the impression that Selena was subliminally throwing shade at Justin Bieber, who shamelessly posted an Instagram Story with a guide showing fans how to make his song, “Yummy,” reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

“How to get ‘Yummy’ to No. 1” was the appropriate title given to Justin’s Instagram Story, detailing what fans would have to do in order for the song to come out on top. This included streaming but not muting the audio, purchasing the song on iTunes, or “buying the song multiple times on Justin’s website.”

'Rare' Ended Up Going No.1

Giphy | Interscope Records

Given that both situations are very similar, on top of the fact that both incidents happened just a week between one another, could Selena have very well been throwing subliminal shade at her ex-boyfriend? After all, he never apologized for making “inauthentic” decisions by asking his fans to stream his music in order to get a number one record.

When “Rare” hit sores on January 10, Selena was soon informed that she was in a close race for the No. 1 spot with Roddy Ricch, leading her to say the following in her Instagram Story:

"I just found out that my album is neck-to-neck with another incredible artist. I told people before that, you know, it’s not about numbers for me, but I would love for the most important album I've ever released to become No. 1 So, if you don't mind streaming it or listening to it on all the platforms, it would mean the absolute world to me."

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