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Facts About WWE Star Alexa Bliss

Gettyimages | Steve Granitz
By Carol Cassada

Alexis Kaufman aka Alexa Bliss is one of WWE's most popular female wrestlers.

Alexa has been with WWE for seven years now and the company sees a lot of potential in her. They've already given her big pushes and she's won numerous championships.

Ever since her debut on the main roster, Alexa has become a hit with fans. Her beauty and athleticism garner the attention of the audience.

As Alexa's popularity continues to grow, let's take a look at some facts about the star that wrestling fans may not know.

She's a Disney fan

Alexa is a huge Disney fan. She's been very vocal about her love of all things Disney.

She's known to collect shirts, hats, figurines, and stuffed animals of Disney characters.

Aside from her growing Disney collection, Alexa also frequently visits the theme park.

Living in Orlanda, Florida, Alexa isn't too far from the Disneyworld resort. Whenever she has a day off, she can be seen visiting the park. She loves to ride the coasters, visit the shops, and have her picture taken with a Disney character.

Sometimes Alexa's co-workers join her on her trip to the amusement park.

She has a pet pig

Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff

Most people own a dog or a cat as a pet, but for Alexa she decided to do something different when it came time to adopt a pet.

Alexa is the proud mom of a pet pig named Larry-Steve. She adopted Larry-Steve in 2017 when he was a tiny piglet. Now, Larry-Steve has grown into a large pig.

Alexa loves to share photos and videos of Larry-Steve on Instagram. She showcases the hi-jinks her pet pig gets into around the house, and Bliss fans can't get enough of Larry-Steve's adorableness.

She was engaged to Buddy Murphy


Alexa's beauty and physique has garnered her a lot of attention from the male fans.

Well, for anyone wondering about Alexa's marital status, here's an explanation.

Alexa was once engaged to fellow WWE star Buddy Murphy. The two began dating in NXT when Alexa served as valet for Buddy and his tag partner Wesley Blake.

The couple became engaged sometime around 2017, and their relationship was featured on the reality show Total Divas, where the y were constantly asked when they were getting married.

In September 2018, the couple called off their engagement.

She had an eating disorder

Gettyimages | John Lamparski

As a teenager, Alexa struggled with an eating disorder. At one point, she lost so much weight that it required her to be hospitalized, and it almost led to the end of her life.

Alexa recovered and with the help of therapy and bodybuilding was able to overcome her eating disorder.

Alexa has been very open about her struggles with her eating disorder. Viewed as a role model, she hopes to share her story, she hopes that she can help other young girls going through similar ordeals.

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