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How Much Money Do 'The Bachelor' Contestants Really Spend While in 'The Bachelor' Mansion?

Gettyimages | DANIEL SLIM
By Megan Prevost

Contestants on The Bachelor are looking for love when they sign up. They want a chance to find the man of their dreams and are willing to fight other women for the chance at true love.

However, how much are they really spending when they decide to uproot their lives and move to The Bachelor mansion?

Obviously, the actual bachelor makes a ton of money from the show, but the contestants don't make anything at all and actually have to pay out of pocket for a lot of costs.

Giphy | The Bachelor

The contestants on The Bachelor are also required to follow a lot of strict rules. These rules include things like no contacting the outside world, no entertainment (magazines, TV, nothing), and no turning down dates.

That means if The Bachelor wants to take you on a skydiving date, you're contractually obligated to go, even if you're afraid of heights!

Along with these rules, you're also required to be your own stylist. Because of this, contestants often spend thousands of dollars on hair, makeup, and gowns for the occasion. Some have even been known to spend money on pre-show treatments like waxing and hair color.

Gettyimages | Noel Vasquez

But seriously, when Peter Weber is that handsome, who wouldn't want to spend thousands on trying to catch his attention? Clearly The Bachelor girls don't care much about the money. It seems like anyone going into the show would know in advance that spending a lot of money is a part of the deal.

But if they're going to make it out with the new love of their life, what's the cost of that anyways?

Even if they don't find love, there's always the chance that they could become the next Bachelorette, and that pays upwards of six figures.

Giphy | The Bachelor

Either way, is a man really worth spending thousands of dollars on, even if you have a chance at true love? Not even that, but a lot of the contestants have to completely uproot their lives to participate in the show. We imagine a lot of their jobs don't allow them to take a leave of absence to find love.

So what do they do? Do they just quit their jobs for this unpaid opportunity at a handsome man?

Apparently, a lot of them do quit their jobs, while others take a leave of absence to appear on the show. Clearly it's up to the woman and their career path to decide what happens when they're accepted as a contestant.

Quitting their jobs or not, it's expensive to be a contestant on The Bachelor, especially when there's only one winner.

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