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Kim Kardashian and Beyonce at the GRAMMYs

Kim Kardashian Apparently Didn't Receive Beyonce's Ivy Park Merch

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Maurice Cassidy

Beyonce launched her highly anticipated first collection with Adidas last week, and in what appeared to be a genius marketing idea, she sent some of her closest celebrity pals the full range of clothes in a capsule-sized box.

Interestingly enough, however, Kim Kardashian and her famous family didn't receive anything, while the likes of Reese Witherspoon were gushing over theirs on Instagram and Twitter. So, was Beyonce throwing shade at Kim?

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Everybody Wants A Piece Of Ivy Park

Beyonce at the Lion King premiere
Gettyimages | ROBYN BECK

Celebrities raved about Beyonce’s Ivy Park x Adidas collection when a PR package was sent to their home days before its official release on January 17.

Everybody from Kelly Rowland to Janelle Monae gushed about Beyonce's nice gesture on their social media accounts — even Ellen Degeneres was gifted a box set.

But from what’s been gathered, fans are convinced that Kim Kardashian did not receive a package from Beyonce’s unisex capsule collection, and they gathered that from the fact that the TV star made no mention of receiving anything from B’s camp.

Kim Apparently Received Nothing From Bey

Kim Kardashian at the People's Choice Awards
Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth

Kardashian is no stranger to flaunting her expensive designer gifts from friends and family on her Instagram Story, but when most celebs were busy gushing over their excitement for their Ivy Park apparel, Kim remained silent.

"The entire Hollywood is wearing Ivy Park except for Kim? Yikes,” one of Beyonce’s fans joked on Twitter, while another continued, “This is absolutely hilarious. Everyone is wearing Ivy Park except for Kim — even Reese has the collection.”

Another amused fan continued, writing: “So everyone, but Kim Kardashian got Beyoncé’s ivy park merch from the queen herself…. oh DAMN lmao.”

Kim And Beyonce Aren't Friends

Giphy | Sony Music Belgium

By January 23, Kim still made no mention of anything concerning Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection — and quite frankly, it seems too late at this point, even if she was gifted the capsule set prior to its launch.

Ever since Beyonce and Jay Z famously skipped Kim’s wedding to Kanye West in Italy, people became under the impression that the two ladies were feuding with one another. And though Kim has publicly denied any tension with Bey in the past, the singer’s intentions appear to have shown otherwise, fans argue.

Celebs Who Didn't Receive Ivy Park Merch

Giphy | Golden Globes

It was also being speculated that Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift also weren’t send anything from the Halo singer’s camp, with some wondering why Bey would skip out on some of their favorite artists.

“Kinda confused why Beyonce didn’t send Selena and Taylor anything. They would look so gorgeous in these outfits. Omg, Beyonce! Send them something,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Beyonce’s Ivy Park x Adidas collection was available for purchase on January 17, and reportedly sold out within hours, it was reported at the time. Fans who missed their chance to grab a few pieces online were forced to wait an additional day when Ivy Park was available in stores worldwide.

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