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A Glimpse Back To Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's Marriage

Gettyimages | Frank Micelotta
By Carol Cassada

Long before she married football player Eric Johnson, Jessica Simpson was married to Nick Lachey.

Jessica and Nick were rising singer on the pop music scene when they met and fell and in love. The two gained the attention of young teens everywhere, who supported the couple.

After marrying in 2002, Jessica and Nick's careers continued to rise thanks to their reality show. Yet, like a majority of celebrity marriages, there's ended after a few years.

Even though the exes have moved on, fans haven't forgotten about Jessica and Nick's relationship.

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Dating and marriage

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Jessica was a rising pop singer and Nick was part of the boy band 98 degrees. As two of the hottest stars in music at the time when the couple began dating in 1999, they were the talk of teen magazines.

Even though Nick was six years older than Jessica, the age difference didn't matter to them. The couple was a hit with young fans, who thought the two were cute together.

In April 2001, the couple briefly broke up but got back together in September.

By February 2002, the couple was engaged and in October of that year they wed in a big ceremony in Texas.


Shortly after their wedding, Jessica and Nick signed on to star in their own reality show.

Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica premiered on MTV in August 2003. Viewers tuned in to watch as Nick and Jessica adjusted to married life.

The show became an instant success, mostly due to Jessica's personality. Throughout the series Jessica often asked a series of questions that left viewers wondering if she was dumb.

In one famous moment, Jessica asks Nick if Chicken of the Sea was chicken or fish.

Moments like that made the show a hit, and helped further Jessica and Nick's careers.


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The success of Newlyweds did wonders for Jessica's career.

Aside from music, Jessica also started her own fashion line and she began acting. In 2005, she starred as Daisy Duke in the big screen adaption of The Dukes of Hazzard.

Nick appeared to be a supportive husband as he escorted Jessica to red carpet events. However, behind the scenes, the newlyweds weren't happy.

Rumors began swirling that their was trouble in paradise for the couple. Tabloids reported that Nick was jealous of Jessica's career, and that infidelity was being committed.

In November 2005, the couple announced their divorce. The reason was cited as irreconcilable differences.

Moving on

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It's been 14 years since their divorce, and both Nick and Jessica have moved on.

In November 2011, Nick married former MTV host Vanessa Minnillo. The couple is now the proud parents of three kids: two boys and one girl.

As for Jessica, she dated Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo for two years before calling it quits in 2009.

She then went on to date another football player. In 2010, she went public with her relationship with Eric Johnson. In May 2012, she gave birth to their daughter Maxwell. A little over a year later, their son Ace was born in June 2013.

After nearly four years together, Jessica and Eric married in July 2014.

In March 2019, Jessica and Eric welcomed their third child, a daughter named Birdie.

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