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Beyoncé on the red carpet for The Lion King

Fans are Convinced Kim Kardashian was Excluded from Beyoncé's Latest Gift Giving Spree

Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer
By Joe Allen

Beyoncé may be one of the few people in the world with the skills and status required to shade Kim Kardashian, and she may have done so effortlessly here. In order to hype up her new IVY PARK x brand, a collaboration with Adidas, the singer sent copies of her unisex capsule collection to some famous friends.

That list included people like Ellen DeGeneres, Reese Witherspoon, Janelle Monae and Yara Shahidi. All of these folks took to Instagram to show off the new clothes.

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One famous name conspicuously absent from that list was Kim Kardashian, who we all know would have posted the clothing if she'd received it. After all, Kardashian has created an entire image around being open and intimate about the personal details of her life.

The fact that so many celebs were posting about the clothes and Kim wasn't was a sure sign to many fans that she'd been snubbed. Unsurprisingly, many fans really admired Beyoncé's expert use of shade in excluding her.


"I love knowing Kim Kardashian ain’t get an Ivy Park box from Beyoncé LMAOO (she def woulda posted that shit if she did). Guaranteed that shit is eating her alive, I hope there’s footage. I will watch that KUWTK episode just to watch her be pressed lol," one person posted on Twitter.

"Did Kim really think she was going to get Ivy Park PR? She sent that shit to Lil’ Flip instead," another user wrote. There was certainly some joy in Kardashian's possible misery.

Kim Kardashian on the red carpet
Gettyimages | ANGELA WEISS

Although fans were quick to react to the notion that Kim had been excluded, it's worth pointing out that it's entirely possible that Kim received her box and is simply saving the unboxing for another time.

And, there were also thought that, if Beyoncé didn't send Kim a box, it would only hurt her in the long run. After all, she has more Instagram followers than any of the celebrities that did post about the box on the social platform.


"Why didn’t @Beyonce send @KimKardashian and [Kylie Jenner] an ivy park box? That’s literally who you want promoting your brand. They have more followers than almost anyone. Same with [Selena Gomez] and [Taylor Swift] It just doesn’t make sense," one user posted.

Clearly, fans are reading quite a bit into Beyoncé's decision to possibly exclude Kim from the rollout of her new line. Whether it was an intentional snubbing or not, at least folks on the internet got to distract themselves with it for a few hours.

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