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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani at an awards show

Blake Shelton Says People 'Screwed Up' By Naming him the Sexiest Man Alive

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By Joe Allen

Blake Shelton is certainly charming, but plenty of people were shocked when, in 2017, People named him the sexiest man alive. There was plenty of blowback because, even though Shelton is successful, there are few who would argue he's one of the most attractive men on the planet.

As it turns out, Shelton generally agreed with the blowback as is started to come in. In an interview with CBS's Gayle King, the country music singer explained that he saw the backlash coming.

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"I remember I called my manager, he said, 'They want to put you as the Sexiest Man Alive,'" Shelton said (via People). "And I’m like, 'Wh— what?! I remember when that magazine came out, you know, of course, there’s gonna be blowback and hate. But I remember, I was like, 'Man, they’re right.' Like, I don’t disagree with any of this that I’m hearing.'"

Say what you will about Shelton, he's certainly humble when discussing, especially considering he was given the honor in the first place.

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"I remember some of the tweets — you know, before I canceled social media — it was like, ‘Wait a minute, Blake Shelton‘s the Sexiest Man Alive? Did every other man on the planet die or something?'"he continued. "Come on, let’s face it — they screwed up."

It's possible, of course, that the magazine knew what they were doing when they named Shelton. He appeals to an entirely different kind of person than the A-list celebrities that are dominant in most movies and TV shows today.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani on The Voice
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Just to prove his own style, Shelton even discussed bringing back the mullet that he proudly sported in the earliest part of his career. “It’s coming back," the singer proclaimed. “There’s kids that are wearing mullets now. And I’m feeling like maybe it’s time for me to bring mine back. I’m not a trendsetter. I don’t mind jumping in on a trend like that.”

Shelton's girlfriend Gwen Stefani has even gotten in on the fun, suggesting she'd be more than happy to help him pull off the look.

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"I’ve actually offered to go get him some extensions," Stefani said. "We could totally match the color easily. I’ll do it for you."

The title of People's Sexiest Man Alive is currently held by Shelton's "The Voice" co-star John Legend.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shelton revealed the advice he imparted to Legend. "I told him afterwards, I said, 'Hey man, listen. After this announcement comes out, wait about two weeks before you look at social media," Shelton said. Because everybody that ever hated you is gonna have something to say about it.'"

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