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Kelly Ripa Closes Out Daughter's Bank Account After Excessive Food Delivery Bills with Postmates

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By Zachary Holt

Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos', middle child, Lola, is currently attending New York University as an 18-year-old, and like many others her age, the accessibility of things like food, potential dating partners, and Amazon two-day delivery is at the tips of their fingers. Well, recently, Kelly Ripa on her show with Ryan Seacrest, Live with Kelly and Ryan, shared that her daughter's propensity to overindulge on food delivery services has been racking up quite the bill. So much so, that she and her husband had to shut down Lola's debit card to prevent further damage.

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Kelly's Daughter Lola Building Up Serious Bills from Postmates

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The food delivery service in question was Postmates, one of the countless apps that can deliver food from your favorite restaurants, all in one place, and with a couple clicks of the mouse. And it wasn't so much that Lola was deciding to occasionally order take out, but that it was occurring on a regular basis and the fees associated were beginning to seriously build up. To add insult to injury, Lola was signed up for a meal plan which is completely paid for on a semester basis. Lola was choosing not to use her meal plan because of a disdain for the food.

Lola Was Signed Up For a Meal Plan, But Didn't Like the Food

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On Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ripa shared her thoughts with the former American Idol host, saying she and Consuelos had purposefully bought Lola a meal plan to avoid situations like this. "I didn’t know our daughter had Postmates,” Ripa explained. “She’s at college and we signed her up for a meal plan, cause we’re not monsters. We signed her up for a meal program." A meal plan is a standard for kids going to college, but for Lola, the choices available and the quality of the food wasn't sufficient.

Food Delivery Service Costs Quickly Add Up with Fees

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The thing is that delivery food is not inherently expensive in itself, especially when ordered from the restaurant directly. However, new food delivery apps like GrubHub, Bite Squad, and Postmates exchange the inconvenience of having to go through every restaurant's website to look at a menu, if they even have one, and then place the order, for the addition of a litany of fees.

These fees usually include service fees, delivery fees, and an optional tip in advance. What could start out as a $10 order could quickly get up to almost $30, fast. "This was Lola's issue. But you know, she doesn’t like the meals at school so she was ordering Postmates,” Ripa shared. “Here’s what would happen. She would order the $7 salad but it would cost $25 dollars to have it delivered three blocks in New York City."

Ripa and Consuelos Pull the Plug on Lola's Account

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Innocent mistake, though. You live and you learn. It's easy to spend a few bucks here and there on delivery fees, but they quickly add up. Ripa and her husband, Consuelos, saw how much Lola was spending and put an end to it. "Oh we shut down that debit card account she had," Ripa told the audience on her show. It'll be a lesson learned by Lola in moderation and appreciating those 'non meal-plan' meals when they come around every so often.

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