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Pamela Anderson

The Marriage That Was Over 30 Years in the Making: Pamela Anderson & Jon Peters Wed

Gettyimages | Michael Bezjian
By Alan Blake

52-year-old, Pamela Anderson, surprised fans when she married Jon Peters in a private ceremony on January 20, at Malibu. The two met over thirty years ago at the Playboy Mansion, and Anderson, who was formerly married to Adil Rami, the French soccer player, has finally fallen in love with Peters. Her splitting with the former husband came after their two years together and seemed quite heartbreaking. She allegedly called Rami a monster and hinted that the lad had cheated on her. Peters has since won her heart.

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Pamela Anderson
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Sharing with, a source revealed that Anderson had gone back to Malibu after the split feeling devastated and betrayed, and probably not wishing to love again. However, there was this one person who had been in her life for quite long and was still there at her lowest moment. Peters had all along been wishing to marry Pam, and so he picked her broken pieces and restored her happiness. The source added that Peters had been in love with Anderson for all the years, and that was exactly what she needed after being in several disastrous relationships.

Drummer, Tommy Lee
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Anderson seems to be unlucky in love, having been married five times. Tommy Lee, who happens to be one of her ex-husbands, and father of her two sons Brandon and Dylan learned about the secret wedding and had something to say. The celebrated Motley Crue drummer was happy for her ex-wife’s marriage, even though the two still have differences. Tommy Lee has since their splitting moved on, and feels that Anderson too deserves the opportunity. He hopes she finds the happiness she desires in her life.


Her marriage with Tommy had been a hell of a time. However, Peters who was all through her close friend was there to help. Speaking to PEOPLE, Peters revealed that she had initially rendered career help to Anderson, although the actress rejected the offer. He describes the actress as ambitious, and someone who knew what she wanted. ‘She was quite smart just like the Kardashians of the early times.’ The drummer alleged to have an eye for special people, and that those he noted ended up becoming celebrities.

Producer Jon Peters
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Besides her career, he indicated that he was aware of Tommy Lee and how he had been treating Anderson. He praised her as a smart woman who had made it raising two kids on her own. He also opened up about the numerous times he had been picking her up with the kids from her attorney’s workplace and flew them away from Tommy Lee’s violence.
Peters’ long wait has recently proved worthwhile when Anderson agreed to tie the knot. The 22-year difference stood nowhere between the two as it had when the two initially met.

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