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David Eason Shares Photo With Daughter Ensley After Jenelle Drops Court Order

@easondavid88 / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Jenelle Evan's estranged husband David Eason is sharing a joyous moment with fans after the former "Teen Mom" star dropped her restraining order and restored his ability to spend time with their 2-year-old daughter.

Jenelle recently filed documents in Davidson County Circuit Court to dismiss the temporary restraining order she had filed against Eason. The ex-reality star claimed Eason was putting her and their daughter's life in danger, and the restraining order included a no-contact order prohibiting him from seeing their daughter.

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@easondavid88 / Instagram

Now that the order is dropped, it appears Eason has once again regained his custody rights with Ensley and is very happy. He shared a photo of the two hanging out, although it's unclear whether they are at his home or the place where Jenelle has been staying since she left her husband and told fans she filed for divorce.

"It was so nice to spend time with my sweet baby! She missed me a lot too!!" Eason captioned the photo of himself lovingly watching over Ensley enjoy a program on her tablet.

Back Together?

@easondavid88 / Instagram

Jenelle has not spoken about why she dropped the restraining order, but rumors began circulating that she and David had rekindled their romance after the two were spotted hanging out in Nashville, TN. Fans began asking the former "Teen Mom" what was up, and she finally responded that she was not back together with her baby's daddy. However, if he is back in Ensley's life it is inevitable that the two will spend time together, and then who knows what could happen.

Staying True to His Roots

@easondavid88 / Instagram

David Eason has been battling not only in the courts with custody but also against fans after the controversial former reality star gained notoriety for the killing of Jenelle's dog. He has continuously claimed to be different than his public persona, and recently posted about staying true to his roots while revealing his childhood home from Currie, North Carolina.

"My home town, all the little nooks and crannies, all the history; the old houses near the river and the fact that they have been through dozens of floods but still standing strong. This place reminds me of who I am, the things I did as a kid is what I still like to do. I still set my fishing lines in the same spots I always have. Shit I do the things my Deddy did with my Granny when he was a kid. Family tradition is more than a set of rules. It's a personality trait that is shared between an entire family. Don't let people convince you to change, stay true to yourself and your family values. There is a reason your ancestors lived the way they did, learn from their past and stay true to your roots."

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