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People Are Sharing Their Controversial Movie Opinions on Twitter

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By Megan Prevost

It's pretty obvious that people on twitter have a lot of opinions. Some right, some wrong, some all together crazy.

After all, Twitter is where people go to share their opinions and talk to other people about them. So when @TwitterMovies tweeted asking people to share their most controversial movie opinions, the Twitterverse happily complied.

Here are some of the best comments we could find in response to @TwitterMovies' tweet last week. Brace yourself, some of these are highly controversial.

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@Supergoodpixel came in hard with their opinions on The Last Jedi stating, "The Last Jedi was the worst film ever made in the history of humans."

While @The_Meathead countered with, "The new Star Wars trilogy (VII, VIII, IX) is better than the original Star Wars trilogy (IV, V, VI)."

On a more positive note, @BelmorMC said, "The Mummy 1999 is a masterclass of entertainment movie something that Hollywood has forgotten this last decade in that area"

@FedericoFalcett hit us with this controversial opinion, "the lord of the rings is boring and irritating."


"Legally Blonde is one of the greatest female lead movies of all time," tweeted user @Convertdliberal.

@AlcadeCade hit us with the most controversial and probably unforgivable opinion, "The Harry Potter franchise is overrated." Gasp!

@darrells09 dropped this opinion, "Tron Legacy is a criminally underrated film. The characters, costumes, music, etc. The whole movie is a bunch of screensavers"

@SyFy even got in on the fun, chiming in about their own movie, "Star Trek Beyond has the best musical sequence in science fiction. Watch tonight at 6:30/5:30c."


@themohill stated, "No Country for Old Men is 3 hours of boring crap and the Coen Brothers are the most overrated directors in Hollywood"

@McgovernMissy went in a more positive direction with, "The Professional. Definitely one of the best action movies ever. Stellar cast in every direction. No one could deny that little Natalie was going to be really big one day; Jean Reno can do no wrong (see: Big Blue); Gary Oldman is so 💯 convincing, it’s scary! He blows my mind!"

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What have we learned from this experience? Twitter has a lot of opinions, yes. But also, like whatever movies you like and hate whatever movies you hate. Movies are a personal experience, and no one should really judge you for not liking something even if it's popular.

Society has grown into something, maybe sprouted from Twitter, that teaches us that we have to like something if it's popular. That is definitely not the case. Your controversial opinions are totally valid.

Let us know in the comments what you disagreed with. Do you really think the Harry Potter franchise is overrated?

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