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Jessica Simpson's Tell-All Book Breaks Down Major Details About Her Love Life

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By Mario Perez

It is safe to say that Jessica Simpson's image has certainly morphed over the years. She has been able to play every role quite gracefully. From becoming arguably the bonified sex symbol of the mid-2000s to shifting towards what she is known as today. The mother of 3 with a stable and happy married life.

Her love life is not as much in the tabloids as it used to be. That was of course until she released many intimate details in her new book and her People Magazine interview.

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The Nick Story

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Some people may seem surprised now that Jessica Simpson is being so open about her own life. That was never something that seemed to be an issue for her though. Her show newlyweds with then-husband Nick Lachey ran for a couple of seasons on MTV.

It really gave an image of Simpson as the dumb blonde that would follow her for the next couple of years. The more recent news is that the marriage really did end poorly. As she and Nick would not even speak for the last few months of marriage

The Hot John Meyer Coments


Musician John Meyer dated Jessica for a brief time in 2006. At the time Meyer and Simpson´s fame was at their peak. In her recent comments, Simpson mentioned she was afraid she was not smart enough for him. If Meyer's comments to Playboy back in 2010 where any indication it is safe to say that was not an issue for him.

He opened up about his sexual relationship with Simpson calling it a drug and napalm for him. Comments that were not appreciated by Simpson. Who, was overly worried that her grandma could read about the comments. It is weird to think why her grandma may have even read PlayBoy, but moving on.

Is Tony Romo Going To Get a Mention?

It is certainly safe to say that things have changed a lot from the mid-2000s and early 2010s. What a lot of sports fans are going to remember Jessica Simpson for was her brief relationship with then Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

They had a famous escapade to a Mexican beach when Tony got a couple of days off. After their return, the Cowboys went on to lose the upcoming playoff game. This had a lot of Cowboy fans upset. It oddly cast a negative shadow over that particular relationship. It is going to be interesting to see if he gets a mention in the book.

More Details Soon To Come

It is safe to say that this book has a lot of people talking about it already. It is really fitting how Jessica Simpson would sort of make her mainstream return with a book. For the people who remember those newlywed years, a book was the last thing that they would have associated Jessica Simpson with.

No more concerts for Jessica though her new venues are book shops and art centers. Where she will be making the rounds to meet fans and sign copies of the book.

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