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Courtney Stodden looks like a goddess in a gold and shimmery outfit as she poses on the red carpet for the paparazzi to take a few shots.

Courtney Stodden Announces That She Almost Took Her Life During Depression Battle

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Many people in the world, decide one day that they can no longer take the pain, the hurt and can no longer fight the battles. The day anyone has this conviction that it is better to end it all, then there is little or nothing that others can do about it. However, before it gets to this point, these people can be encouraged to still see meaning in life and run with it, even if it is the last thing that they have to do.

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Depression is one of the most devastating experiences in the world, and no one should have to go through it. There have been series of reports about celebrities, who presumably, have everything they need to make life better for them, but are still sad about one thing or the other. Now, this feeling is not planned, and it certainly does not give a head-start when it wants to happen.

One celebrity who recently opened up about going through depression, is Courtney

Courtney Stodden looks dazzling in this black low-cut dress as she poses for the camera.
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She is an American media personality, singer and model. She is also popularly known as the spokesperson for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PEFTA).

At age sixteen, Stodden contested in a beauty pageant in her hometown, Washington. She went on to release her first single and not only the community, her parents were proud of her. After this, she gained more popularity when she became the wife of a then 51-year-old man known as Doug Hutchison. The wedding took place in 2011, and it led to a lot of media controversy.

Courtney Stodden Shines bright like a diamond in this blue short dress and she shows of her beautiful legs.
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Stodden has build a good life for herself and an amazing career, but there were times that she also felt tired and wanted to put an end to it all.

Recently, the diva opened up about a hard and long battle she had with depression.

She shared an intense video with RadarOnline, spewing her heart out and anyone who saw that video would no doubt feel for the actress. In the video, she mentioned that last year, she tried to take her life for the first time, but thankfully, it did not work.


The child-star has been through a lot since she got married at age sixteen. She mentioned that there have been ups and downs in her personal life, but above all, she knows that life is worth living. She also went on to say that she has lost a lot of things and gained a lot of things in her life and she is thankful for that.

Stodden shared her life-transforming video on the same day her divorce from Doug Hutchinson was finalized.

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