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Beyonce's New Line 'Ivy Park' Accused of Ignoring Plus Size Community

Gettyimages | Gareth Cattermole
By kenadijiba

Beyonce’s successful launch of her own activewear line “Ivy Park” has been notably positive. This should come of no surprise to anyone due to the fact that Beyonce has always been a consummate professional through anything she does, whether that be music or fashion. Her vigor to create is inspirational. So, it was a bit unusual to see Queen Bey receiving any type of criticism, especially from her beloved hive of busy bees. When it came to the clothes specifically a lot of people spoke out about the plus sized community being so carelessly ignored.

Rihanna Changed The Fashion Game


An issue facing countless solidified brands right now is the desire for inclusivity in all spaces. A woman who we owe this normalization to is music legend, Rihanna. After she effortlessly dropped “Fenty Beauty” and opened a sealed door of countless shades that not only adhered to lighter-skinned women but also deeper tones she really broke the lid off pandora's box, she didn't stop there. She went on to create “Savage Fenty” a lingerie line that left no stone untouched when size inclusivity was mentioned. Her allowing for thousands of women to have a mountain full of beautiful options forced the fashion industry to get with it or get lost. Interestingly enough after she decided to showcase “Savage Fenty” through her own catwalk production, the “Victoria’s Secret” show was dropped like a hot potato.

Can Beyonce Come Back From This


Beyonce definitely had to be aware of the importance concerned when it relates to creating plus size options. Her not going all in like Rihanna might of been a personal strategic decision. Not necessarily done with malice but with a plan in place. Is there a possibility of RiRi and Bey collabing on a line together. If so then the people are not ready for it at all. To see two cultural powerhouses meeting in the middle and styling something fresh for this generation to put on every day would be otherworldly. With Beyonce's line selling out within minutes and Rihanna's known track record for “Fenty Beauty” flying off the shelves their joint product wouldn't even have to be tested, the group consensus would be that everyone from your grandma to sister would be ready to forfeit their left pinky to buy whatever the hell they are selling. Now, can Beyonce flip the script on her own small controversy with “Ivy Park”? Sure, if she could make an entire album about the pain she dealt with in her own marriage and make that a banger, then dealing with this won't be too hard for her to handle.

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