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If 'Mr. Peanut' Is a Precursor, Super Bowl Ads Are Not Looking Great

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By Mario Perez

The Super Bowl is more like an American holiday than it is a football game. That is because it has something for everybody. Obviously, if you are a football fan you are going to be into watching the game and being entertained in that manner.

If you are not a fan of the game you are going to be looking forward to the commercials and the half time show. This year's show is one of the most highly anticipated affairs because of all of the drama that has built up. The commercials don't seem to be fairing that well.

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Sorry For the Spoilers

Just about ten years ago people were really anticipating to watch the Super Bowl because every commercial was going to be new and unique. These days many brands have opted to leak their commercials and it sort of takes away a lot of the expectations that were generated before the big game.

Planters are one of those companies that have decided to put out their Super Bowl commercial beforehand. Without giving away more details we can present the death of Mr. Peanut commercial.

Part of New Marketing Campaign?

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The death of Mr. Peanut was a shock to the entertainment world no doubt! Certainly, a sneak peek of what could be coming along from other brands as well.

It is safe to say that if this is going to start a new era in advertising from the company it is working out pretty well. Being one of the first to leak their commercial has certainly got them quite a bit of press for the maneuver. Still, the commercial itself is pretty dull.

Take a Look Back At Last Year

Since the Super Bowl is basically a holiday and it happens to be just a couple of days away it may not be such a bad idea to start getting prepared for it a little bit in advance. A bit like people, start to listen to Christmas music once December rolls around.

There have certainly been a lot of memorable commercials over the years. Last year was a pretty decent year by most accounts. Many big brands really went all out to hire top actors for the big game.

What To Expect From The Game Itself

Of course, if you are really going to be prepping for the holiday you can't forget the game itself. If you are not a big football fan this may actually be a year where you enjoy the game.

That has a lot to do with the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs happen to play an upbeat and fast style of football. Which, can certainly be enjoyed even by some casual fans. If you want to know what to expect taking a look at these videos can certainly help

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