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Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet Spotted Out Together

Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer
By kenadijiba

Imagine walking casually down the gravelly street with a group of friends while taking an aimless rendezvous around the town. The city is busy but somehow everyone's anxieties fall through. The anticipation to stop by Starbucks for a latte and open up the doors to Bed Bath and Beyond for a deal on a pumpkin spiced candle sprouts into your brain. When you and your pristine squad walk in who do you see? A milky toned Timothee Chalamet with an ethereal looking Zendaya. First off, who would ever believe that this happened if you didn't get the receipts? If there aren't pictures did you ever really meet them? Oh, how Millennial minds work. But, to get to the root of the story. These two Hollywood Elite game-changers were spotted in a Bed Bath and Beyond together. Honestly, the last place anyone would place Timothee Chalamet would probably be at a Bed Bath and Beyond but hey maybe he was convinced by Zendaya that those lotions are otherworldly.

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Is A New Power Couple On The Rise?

Giphy | SAG Awards

With Timothee being in a relationship with Lily Rose Depp fans were caught off guard by this excursion. Any other woman would feel just a tiny bit insecure if their man was spending time with the mortal Goddess that is Zendaya. But Zendaya herself is also rumored to be dating costar Jacob Lordie from Euphoria. Since both parties keep their relationships under wraps it is very hard to determine what the nature of their time spent together was. The conclusion can be that like with most actors who are about to hit a set there should be some establishing of chemistry before shooting stars. That would make sense since they both have coveted roles in the revamped blockbuster “Dune”.

What About Their Significant Other's?


If this trip was solely platonic and for the benefit of “Dune” could there still be room for romance? If these two similar minds spend enough time together on this hectic set will a closeness be formed? With two good looking attractive people in proximity to each other at all times for months on end, the possibilities for an iconic power couple are endless. No offense towards their alleged mates at the moment, but if these two did date the internet would break. Their mix of awkwardness and fashion sense would be the image of relatable celebrity “goals” and if their dry humor aligns this could be really interesting to watch. With both loyal fanbases merging this could be a great move for Zendaya, and Chalamet.

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