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Are These Two 'Real Housewives' Getting Hot and Heavy?

Gettyimages | Bravo
By kenadijiba

If you thought for a second that “The Real Housewives” franchise was getting stale just wait before the official decision is made to cut the show off completely. For the first time in “Housewives” history, there have been rumors swirling about a possible relationship between “Bad Girl” Brandi Glanville and the “Angelic” Denise Richards. Now, this right here is not some casual 3 am hookup where both parties decided never to speak about it. This alleged coupling seems to be as serious as a heart attack and the public is eating it up. To have such an unexpected same-sex relationship on a show that caters to “traditional roles” of how and what a women should be, this revelation could really flip everything we thought we knew about “The Housewives” on its head.

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How Will This Play Out?


It is so ironic that these two very contrasting characters have come together in any capacity. For them to have even forged a friendship would have been a bit peculiar. With Brandi’s background of being the controversial one and seemingly always attracting drama into her life, and Denise moving forward with a glass half full type of mentality it is unclear how they found a connection with each other. Could past trauma be the culprit? Both women were scorned by their ex husbands in shameful ways. Denise and her journey with Charlie Sheen is one for the books. How that woman has maintained her sanity is not clear but she does it ever so well. On the other side of things when analyzing Brandi’s situation and the public cheating scandal concerning Leanne Rimes and her then husband Eddie Cibran she rightfully went to the media with her pain, and kind of never stopped talking about it.

Denise Richards Is Now Married


Were Denise and Brandi supporting each other originally? Was girl power the main motivator and then soon transformed into something much stronger. The fascination surrounding how Bravo will be handling this has fans at the edge of their seats. But, what is even more unbelievable about this affair is that Denise recently just got married. How does that work out? Is her new beau okay with the fact she probably was cheating on him? Would it have been of more concern if Brandi was named Jason? The double standards society lays onto men who have relationships with other men, versus women who do is incomprehensible. The accepting of the stereotypically drunk girl on girl kiss at a random club in Mexico is okay, but let that have been a man. Then, people definitely wouldn't be so forgiving. What Richards now husband has to keep in mind is that these moments with Brandi were not meaningless and their marriage could be in for a world of trouble.

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