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Tom Hanks Fights Back Against CBD Company

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By Lenny

Tom Hanks speaks out against CBD company that is using his images and likeness to promote their products which he never agreed upon. He released his frustration on social media stating that the advertisement "is false and an intentional hoax. I've never said this and would never make such an endorsement." This illegal usage of Tom Hanks' celebrity profile to market for this CBD company says a lot about the cannabis industry.

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Tom Hanks and Doctor Oz were both used as key figures in an immoral business strategy. The CBD company took advantage of Doctor Oz's medical credibility in order to promote their products. Both celebrities urged the public to realize that neither of them would ever be a part of a cannabis company promotion.

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Doctor Oz took his frustration to Twitter to speak about the CBD company. In his tweet, he stated that "this is a fake and misleading advertisement intended to take advantage of consumers using false claims and our likeness illegally."

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What does this say about the Cannabis industry as a whole? Celebrities and their likeness being manipulated in order to sell a natural drug product is an extremely unethical business practice. Consumers have the right to know exactly what is in their products and what effects they may have on the mind and body. This may open up the conversation on whether other Cannabis companies are committing the same actions in order to trick their consumers. The Cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative businesses to be a part of right now.

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Steve Baker from the TODAY Show explained how "there is a whole army of people who are difficult to find that are using changing sets of hyperlinks that may only last for a couple days but they're all there to avoid detection." Many emerging companies are taken advantage of the youthful market and are using their favorite idols to promote these products. Katie Couric was even used as a celebrity figure to back up Tom Hank's endorsement even though she spoke about how that wasn't true or an agreement she made... The digital space and market are growing at a rapid rate and this could be hard to surveillance especially when it comes to small businesses attempting to falsify their endorsements. Tracking and catching these illegal remarks and actions through business practices will only get harder especially with how extensive the media landscape is becoming.

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