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Vanessa Hudgens Out With Laker's Star Kyle Kuzma Following Spit

Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff
By Mario Perez

How long after you end a long and serious relationship is it ok to start dating again? Vanessa Hudgens had apparently one of the most stable relationships in show business. She and then-boyfriend Austin Butler were going strong for 9 years. They did not survive the beginning of the new decade though.

A couple of weeks prior to the split Vanessa actually gave an interview where she detailed how they were able to hold up their long-distance relationship. The magazine is probably not even out yet and she was already spotted out in Brooklyn with Laker's young start Kyle Kuzma.

How it All Came To Be

TMZ was the first to report the encounter sharing some pictures of the two of them having dinner at a restaurant in Brooklyn. Kuzma happened to be in town as the Lakers were taking on the Knicks in a road trip that also included a visit to Boston.

It just so happened that Vanessa was in town. Yet although both spend most of their time in LA it seems that they just couldn't wait to meet up and they set out on this quick date.

Could They Just Be Hanging Out As Friends?

To quote one of Brad Pitt's most recent speeches, "Anyone who I am standing next to they think I am dating". It seems that this is the case all too often for a lot of celebrities. They rarely get the benefit of the doubt over whether or not they can just be friends with people.

In this case, though there are no reports to these two having a friendship prior to this encounter. This get-together coincides with the news that Vanessa is currently single. They look a lot like a potential couple. Yet Kuzma has been seen out with KendallJenner and by all accounts, it seems they are just friends.

Is Their Still Hope For A Zac Efron Repeat?

Gettyimages | Gregg DeGuire

Fans of the High School Musical movies are always going to look back at this couple with quite a bit of nostalgia. When the news of Vanessa's break up came out a lot of fans hoped that they could see these two get back together. For now, that is not something that seems to be on the horizon.

You never know though. Recently the rumors of Brad and Jen Aniston getting back together are pretty solid. By all accounts that relationship ended much worse than Vanessa's did.

Could This Backfire for Vanessa?

Giphy | Twitter

As was mentioned before only a couple of months ago there were talks about Vanessa tying the knot with Austin Butler. Now she seems to be actively dating again. There are plenty of her fans that are not so pleased with the sudden move.

With both Kuzma and Hudgens based in LA could that relationship be the reason that the one with Butler ended? From the looks of things, there is actually a good chance that Kuzma was applying that double team pressure for a while now.

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