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Lizzo Is Tired of People Commenting on Her Weight

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By Lenny

2019 breakout star, Lizzo wants people to stop commenting on her weight and focus more on her music. Following Jillian Michaels' comment on Buzzfeed News, Michaels' elaborates on how she is scared of the future for artists like Lizzo due to her body size and weight. Michaels further explains how she thinks "it isn't going to be awesome if [Lizzo] gets diabetes."

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In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Lizzo claps back to Jillian Michaels by stating specifically in her cover story that she wished people focused more on her art rather than her physical appearance. Lizzo even mentioned that she has struggled with body dysmorphia and says she pushes through it because the body positive movement she has sparked is so "organic" and "alive."

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Lizzo emphasizes more so in her big cover story that her career is meant in support of "black women, big black women, [and] black trans women." She could obviously care less about what people think when it comes to her own weight. Lizzo would rather spread "self-love" through her music which has helped her find her own confidence. People like Jillian Michaels are promoting the criticism that Lizzo is great at ignoring especially since she still gets the same commentary on a daily basis.

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Lizzo is here to spread acceptance and joy through her upbeat pop music and soulful melodies. With 8 Grammy nominations under her belt, Lizzo is a shoo-in for the Grammys for a major award. Just ten years ago, Lizzo was living in Houston, Texas out of her car after her father passed away. Her message through music is so uplifting and positive that it is nearly impossible to avoid listening to her music even if that means hearing it from other cars driving past you.

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Lizzo's army of fans has been with her through thick and thin, always supporting her when someone comes at her crazy. Every time someone comes to Lizzo with body criticism her defense wall of supporters comes to rescue her from hate and negativity. Lizzo is fully aware of the message she could be potentially selling through her body size and weight but at the end of the day she wants everyone to find their own definition of happiness and if that comes with listening to Lizzo's music then she is happy to accommodate. Stay tuned to see Lizzo potentially win an award at the Grammys on January 26th.

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