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Taylor Swift smiles at an award show

New Taylor Swift Documentary Will Still Make Reference To Her Feud With Kanye West

Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil
By Chris Barilla

In barely over a week, award-winning performer and public figure Taylor Swift is slated to release her latest project, a joint-effort with Netflix to produce a documentary detailing her rise to mega-stardom and the rocky road she has taken to her place at the top.

The documentary is alleged to cover a whole host of topics related to the singer, with an overencompassing theme that promotes her power, individuality, and strength in the face of adversity over time. One major event, however, that will still be mentioned in the film even ten years later is her infamous encounter with artist Kanye West at the 2009 Video Music Awards.

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Back in 2009, West made headlines when he drunkenly went on stage during Swift's acceptance speech for her award, taking the microphone, and proclaiming that Beyonce was the rightful winner of it, not Swift. Both Swift and Beyonce were visibly taken back at the time, and later in the show united as friends in a show of good faith with West's actions aside.

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In an interview with Variety, director Lana Wilson suggested that this often-over talked about moment in pop culture history was still a relevant and significant topic to include in Swift's film, considering how it affected the young singer so deeply at the moment. Unable to process what was going on, she mistook the crowds jeers which were aimed at West, "With the 2009 VMAs, it surprised me that when she talked about how the whole crowd was booing, she thought that they were booing her, and how devastating that was. That was something I hadn’t thought about or heard before, and made it much more relatable and understandable to anyone," Wilson stated.


The overall verdict from Swift herself is that Wilson's inclusion of the feud was a necessary​ evil, given that she felt as though it was largely propagated by West the entire time. Initially eager to earn the veteran rapper's respect, Swift decided to forgive him, however, she revoked that forgiveness during West's promotion of his album 'The Life of Pablo' where he explains on one song how Swift is only famous because of him.

Swift holding six of her American Music Awards
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The documentary will likely serve as Swift's final word on the matter, providing her perspective through a finely tuned lens and allowing her to share her side of the story and what came of the fallout of her interactions with the famous rapper. Whatever it may be, fans can expect loads of unreleased footage, commentary from the artist herself, and plenty of music. 'Miss Americana' is slated to release January 31.

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