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Lizzo's Colorful Rolling Stone Spread Shot By Iconic Photographer David LaChapelle

Gettyimages | Theo Wargo
By Chanel Love

Legendary photographer and artist David LaChapelle captures Lizzo's larger-than-life personality in a shoot for Rolling Stone magazine. The singer, flutist, and rapper turned Hollywood it-girl graces the February 2020 cover of the iconic music magazine and shares a glimpse of herself that goes deeper than her bold, empowering lyrics and catchy hooks. The visuals tell the story of a full-figured woman whose in touch with her femininity while Lizzo tells a story of how she grew from being Melissa Jefferson to being 100% that b---ch!

David LaChapelle Is Inspired by Lizzo

David LaChapelle - Rolling Stone

David LaChapelle's aim for his shoot with Lizzo was to blend her "fun and wholesome" sides the photographer said in an interview with Rolling Stone. In the same interview, he went on to describe his motivation for doing the shoot after a long break from photographing celebrities.

"Anytime someone can play an instrument, to me, that’s just magical. That is like the girl in band class sitting in the back. That’s the girl that I would’ve forced to be my best friend in high school. She’s just wailing on this flute, and I was like, “OK, this has to happen. I want to photograph her.” And that was that. I had to."

Bordellos, Nightclubs, and Lizzo

David LaChapelle - Rolling Stone

Inspiration was pulled from nightclubs, bordellos, and Lizzo herself. He recalls hearing Lizzo's song "Good As Hell" and thinking "It’s so joyful and full of light." LaChapelle says the set for Lizzo's Rolling Stone shoot was actually a bedroom in a home he'd purchased for his mother and later had converted into a nightclub.

"The inspiration was a brothel bordello from Harlem in the Prohibition era that was inspired by…at that time what they would call it “Orientalism,” because back then Orientalism was anything Egyptian or Chinese or Japanese. They’d had the Egyptian revival movement. And there was an Art Deco thing to it as well."

Color, Light, Texture

David LaChapelle - Rolling Stone

Lizzo is draped in luxurious fabrics that create a goddess-like aura around her voluptuous frame. A combination of fur, sheers, and bare skin work together with shimmering neon lights and a dream-like color pallete to create a luminous glow that surrounds the singer. From first glance, you can sense that this is a woman who is more than comfortable in her skin. LaChapelle capture's the essence of Lizzo's character flawlessly. It's bold, bright, Art Deco, and just loud enough to capture your attention.

An Unforgettable Shoot

David LaChapelle - Rolling Stone

In a behind-the-scenes video at her Rolling Stone shoot, Lizzo sticks to her empowerment script.

"People don't realize you can truly manifest all of your dreams and what you want. No doesn't really stop me. So when I hear "no" I say alright, well let me just do me then. I just keep going."

She goes on to say she will never forget shooting with LaChapelle. This photo series creates an air of fantasy and feminine mystique around the singer who is nominated for eight Grammy Awards including Song of the Year for "Truth Hurts," Album of the Year for Cuz I Love You, and Best New Artist.

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