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Kim Kardashian Explains How She Came up With the Name of Her First Daughter - North

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By Lenny

Celebrity couples naming their children what may seem at first unusual names is not an uncommon thing to happen in Hollywood. Although there have been many questionable names in the past, Kim Kardashian explains how she was convinced by two friends to name her first daughter, North.

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America instantly fell in love with Kim and Kanye's firstborn daughter after the set of her first baby pictures were released to the public. Many people were left confused by the choice of the name for their first daughter still. In a recent makeup tutorial with her billionaire younger sister Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian explained how Jay Leno inspired her to name her daughter North after a joke.

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The beauty mogul exemplified how she would have never thought of the name North if it weren't for Jay Leno putting it out there. Back in 2013, when Jay Leno first mentioned the name to Kim Kardashian she was really against it and even said on live television that she would never name her daughter after his joke.


A few months later, Kim Kardashian finally announced that she would be naming her daughter, North. Pharrell Williams even heavily backed up the name after he thought it was a really good and creative name for a child. It wouldn't be a shock if Kim Kardashian felt compelled to name her future children unique names after North since she really started that tradition.

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Now with three more kids, Kim Kardashian chose to name them all very biblical names that aren't the common names usually given. Saint, Chicago, and Psalm were the three other names given to her other children. The name "Chicago" has to have come from Kanye West since he was born and raised in Chicago and he constantly mentions that part of his life in his music and career. The names of Psalm and Saint are probably inspired by their family's devotion to religion as Kanye West released a Christian gospel album this year and began directing a choir which he later called Sunday Service.

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Now, that North is no longer a baby. Kylie Jenner explains how she wants to have even more kids, similar to her older sister, she wants to have four kids. Hopefully, Kylie Jenner can come up with three other names to top the original name of her firstborn, Stormi. It almost seems like quirky names are becoming a theme for the next generation of the family.

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