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Will Drake and Rihanna Get Back Together?

Gettyimages | Samir Hussein
By Lenny

Rihanna reportedly calls it quits with Saudi billionaire, Hassan Jameel who was in a steady relationship with the American singer for roughly 2 years. This past week, in New York Rihanna, was captured by a fan getting really comfortable with her old flame, Drake. Does this mean Rihanna and Drake may be getting back together?


In 2016, the two superstars dated briefly and became acquainted with each other quickly after Drake's heartfelt speech about Rihanna at the VMAs where he professes his love for her. The Canadian rapper shockingly told the crowd he has been in love with Rihanna since he was 22 years old. This speech led to a short-lived rendezvous between the two artists.


Then, Jennifer Lopez stepped in and Drake and Rihanna's love affair was publicly known to be over. Drake and Rihanna began to have an awkward dynamic with each other after their fallout as they decided to be distant supporters of each other's careers without any personal conflicts of interest. Rihanna's longterm relationship with Hassan Jameel shows that she is ready to settle down and commit for a serious relationship but Drake's track record of breakups and makeups says otherwise.


Drake's lack of commitment to women he has dated in the past may not be Rihanna's favorite quality about him. Through the many pictures of Rihanna and Drake's friendship that has caught many fan's attention, there definitely is still some sort of spark. The romantic feelings the two artists have for each other is for sure electric and fans can only hope they make amends and try to get back together.


Rihanna's power to captivate men may call for another suitor to sweep her off her feet before Drake has the chance to even do so himself. Her heart is a serious wildcard as she told a few months ago that she was extremely happy with her exclusive relationship with Hassan Jameel. Drake's interference with their relationship may be one of the crucial factors that have caused the two to break up in the first place.

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Drake and Rihanna definitely have an undying love for each other that may be the main reason why they both can't get rid of each other. Fans can only dream that the two try to go again when it comes to dealing with their connected hearts again. Hopefully, this time they can make it work out since it is made very apparent that Rihanna and Drake still have that mutual respect for each other.

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