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Vicki Gunvalson is Pushing For a Spinoff Series Hinting She May Not Have a Spot on 'RHOC'

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By Natalie Hunter

Who knew that one vacation to Mexico could lead to so much speculation? Vicki Gunvalson has been making everyone on Instagram envious posting pictures of her vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Gunvalson has posted pictures with her fiance Steve Lodge and siblings having drinks and living the good life. Gunvalson has been responding to fans' questions in the comments section. Her answers have been pulling fans in every direction. On one picture, she hinted that she may be retiring from reality TV.

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According to HollywoodLife, a comment on her most recent picture hinted that she may be pining for her own spinoff show.

“Maybe you should create a spinoff about your family and business,” a follower wrote on the picture.

Vicki replied, “That’s a great idea,” and tagged influential Bravo! host Andy Cohen.

“Agree, love you Vicki,” a second fan chimed in. “Time to move on from those ladies. You have a great future filled with love. You don’t need that nastiness in your life.”

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A spinoff show revolving around Gunvalson's family certainly wouldn't be short on drama. Vicki's children, Briana and Michael, were heavily featured in the earlier seasons of the show and even lead to some interesting storylines. Vicki visited Michael when he first when away for college. She surprised him during a house party embarrassing Michael to death. After asking her to leave and making her cry, he decided to let her stay and do keg stands with them. Briana became a big part of the drama with Brooks.

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Briana accused Brooks of coming onto her and saying that her husband should hit her to keep her in line.

As for the other ladies' futures on 'RHOC,' those are just as uncertain as Vicki's.

“Andy’s comments made them all nervous and they were told awhile ago a cast shake-up was coming,” a source close to production revealed to HollywoodLife on December 29. “All of the ladies [of ‘RHOC’] are saying they’re confident they’re coming back, but nobody knows for certain.”


“They will be notified in a few weeks but nobody knows who’s in and who’s out quite yet,” our source continued. “The reunion just ended so it will be looked at in the new year but they’re always interviewing new ladies and they’ve got their eye on a couple, it’s just still too early to tell what’s exactly happening. Everyone’s just waiting though some of the ladies have been asked to film things in their lives here and there since filming wrapped officially just in case they are asked back.”

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