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Memoir Truths! Jessica Simpson Reveals Her Dark Past

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Many celebrities get to a time in their lives that they feel like they are drifting apart from the world. To be able to feel in control of their lives again, many of them go down the wrong path; using pills and alcohol or any form of addiction as an escape route. When people go through issues, they usually don’t want to feel the way that they are, but it is not a switch that can be turned on and off anytime. This is why people are often encouraged to speak out when they are sad about something.

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Jessica Simpson is captured on camera making magic in the studio and she looks beautiful.
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Just like any other human in the world, famous people have their struggles that they go through and wish they did not have to. This may sound unbelievable because these people have money to buy all they want. But, there are some things that money cannot just buy, and one of the is the true and genuine feeling of happiness. Everyone needs to be happy at every time, but when there is a reason to lose that smile, then the worst is about to happen.


Recently, Jessica Simpson made a shocking revelation about her personal life in her memoir titled “Open Book,” which is set to drop very soon. The actress confirmed to the world that she was once addicted to pills and alcohol.

“I was killing myself with all the drinking and pills.” She said.

She went on to explain in detail how she went from grace to grass in a split second some years back. According to the mother of three, in 2017, she hit rock bottom and was almost becoming engrossed in her bad decisions.

Jessica Simpson places her hands on her lovely baby bump in this deep red shiny dress and she looks graceful.
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When she found out that she could no longer keep living that way, Simpson decided to get help and be sober once and for all.

Speaking about her sober journey, Simpson revealed that it was quite easy for her to do away with the bottles because she was starting to resent it. She mentioned that one of the reasons why she hated taking any more alcohol, was because it always made her numb and complacent which she did not like about herself.

Jessica Simpson looks ravishing in this photo as she turns her back to the camera, Putin on a gorgeous orange color dress with a black handbag and nice jewelry.
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Why did Simpson take to the bottles though? The actress goes on to explain in her memoir.

According to Simpson, one of the reasons why she depended solely on pills and potions is because of the trauma she was experiencing. The 39-year-old said that she was sexually continuously from age six. Although she did not mention who it was that abused her, she did say that the act always happened whenever they had family visits.

This was no doubt a traumatizing period for the actress and singer, but we are glad that she has gotten her groove back and is doing okay.

What advice would you give to someone who tells you they were sexually abused at a young age? Let us know in the comment section below.

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