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Man Inappropriately Touches Fellow Female Passenger on Spirit Airlines Flight

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By Ben Robinson III

Airline travel has to be one of the most hectic nuances of the human experience. For starters you need to arrive early in order to ensure speedy check-in. Afterwards you're rushed into a line to wait around like cattle before having your documents looked over once again (a safety precaution born from the aftermath of 9/11). Finally, once you've sashayed past all of that craziness THEN you have to remove certain articles of clothing to go through a security check. And wait.

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Flying can be frustrating, especially for those who don't like crowds and refuse to take on the task of driving to their destinations (which could take days in some cases). So with all of these factors in mind the last thing any traveler wants to have to deal with is inappropriate behavior from their fellow passengers. This was unfortunately not the case on a recent Spirit flight where a man is being accused of getting very weird with a woman he was sitting next to.

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Fox News reports that during a flight from Atlanta to Detroit a young college student was allegedly harassed by a man sitting next t her.

Michigan woman Tia Jackson, 22, was flying into Detroit on a 7 a.m. flight Jan. 21. She was sitting in the middle seat, between her friend in the window seat and a stranger in the aisle. According to the Eastern Michigan University student, she was leaning on her friend and going in and out of sleep while the flight was descending, when the alleged incident occurred.

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That's when Jackson realized things were getting strange because the man appeared to be acting jittery. Then he placed his jacket over his lap.

Soon after, Jackson said the man put his hand down her pants and touched her bare butt. “When he noticed I moved away, he slid his hands in my pants and then he touched my thigh and then part of my butt,” Jackson alleged to People. In a screengrab of an alleged social media post by Jackson, she also claimed the man was “pleasuring” himself underneath his coat.


Jackson was instructed to inform gate agents and she further revealed that the airline crew weren't necessarily very sympathetic to her claims.

"I said you have to get him away from me," she said to Fox 2. "They said, 'If it was such a problem or it was bothering you so much, why didn't you move?'"

For their part Spirit immediately released a statement.

“Our flight attendants on board that flight learned of the alleged incident 18 minutes prior to landing when the guest pressed the call button and received immediate attention. Once she told the flight attendant who came to her seat, the flight attendant directed her to a different seat. The cabin crew wanted to move her, as opposed to him, because the move would have left him with an empty seat on one side and an aisle on the other.”

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