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'Teen Mom' Star Leah Messer Claps Back At People Who Mocked Her For Learning Spanish

Gettyimages | Mike Coppola
By Clark Sparky

Leah Messer is attempting to learn Spanish so that she can have better lines of communication with the new boyfriend and baby of her sister, Victoria. Now, fans on Twitter are attacked her for the decision, claiming there's no reason for her to learn Spanish because her nephew will likely be raised in West Virginia.

"I guess learning español to speak fluently with my nephew is something to mock. Mannnn, Why do so many of you spend your time hating others on social media? You could be much more productive and uplifting. How does this genuinely make you happy?" Messer tweeted.

"But your nephew is going to speak English. I doubt he's even going to speak much Spanish at all if he's going to be raised by your sister and your family so why would YOU need to learn Spanish?" one person replied.

"I was going to pose the same question. Does Leah think babies come out of the womb speaking in a different language than the one they are taught?" another follower asked.

Some were supportive, however.

"I wish a lot more people would learn Spanish, than they wouldn’t be so threatened seeing other people speak it. I’m also learning!! Good luck," someone wrote.

"Don’t let strangers on the internet take away your happiness," another added. "This is such an exciting time for your family! I’m sorry people can be so mean. Congratulations on your new nephew."

"Too much time on their hands? Continuing to learn and expand your mind is nothing to joke about.. my nephew speaks German & I have no understanding of the language but he tries to teach me too," a third said.

Victoria welcome the baby boy in Instagram posts on Monday. She wrote, "All Natural photos. Our sweet baby boy made his arrival today. Caí River Rodríguez Messer," Victoria wrote. "Weighing 6 pounds 7.5 ounces. With a head of hair. So thankful to everyone who helped and also to those that have sent lots of love and support. He is SO perfect & i still CAN'T believe I finally have my boy!!"

Leah took to her Twitter account to celebrate the birth, as well. "Caí River Rodríguez Messer 01/20/2020 10:43am You are already loved by so many strong ladies & a Lil spoiled too. You share your bday celebrating a legend #MartinLutherKingDay
So proud of your mamá and papí," she wrote.

Victoria and her boyfriend met in Costa Rica while she was on a rafting trip. He is currently still there while going through the immigration process to move to the States.

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