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Actress Julie Montagu Evokes Empathy for Meghan Markle's Problems with British Media

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By Zachary Holt

The relentless battle between the British media and Meghan Markle has been exhaustively documented over the last couple of years since Markle first married Prince Harry. The attacks on her lifestyle, mixed-race background, and other facets of her personality have been scrutinized and utterly criticized from day one by the British tabloids. This inundation is an experience that American actress turned aristocrat, Julie Montagu, has herself experienced, although not to the degree of Markle. Still, Montagu came out and voiced her empathy for what Markle has been going through with the British media.

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Montagu Empathasizes with Markle Over Tranistion Difficulty

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Julie Montagu, better known as Viscountess Hinchingbrooke after marrying Luke Timothy Charles Montagu, Viscount Hinchingbrooke -- son of the 11th Earl of Sandwich -- spoke with People Magazine and shared how the world will truly never know how difficult it was for Markle and her transition into the royal family.

For Montagu, she understands the pressure that Markle went through in acclimating to royal life, but also of the intense scrutiny that is conducted by the British media and tabloids.

'With the Aristocracy, It's Still Formal'

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Montagu also shared that her personal transition into a formal British aristocratic society was one of the most daunting things she's ever had to do. The American Aristocrat's Guide to Great Estates star detailed her own personal struggles and empathized with Markle's own transition into the royal family.

"With the aristocracy, it's still formal, but I imagine the royal family is just that much more," the television host shared. "I don't have to curtsy all the time or have as many formal dinners. Plus, I get to voice my opinions and be openly political if I wish -- Meghan can't."

Montagu Explains How Ruthless the British Media Can Be

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Montagu has revealed her opinion about the British media and how their incessant commentary is hurtful and damning, especially as it pertains to Markle and her struggles with them.

"The British press is absolutely 100 percent ruthless," she explained to People. "Ask anybody to go try and find a positive article about Meghan over in this country. It's very hard to do. I'm the American living over here and it's really hard to find a good article about her."

Montagu also claimed that she thinks people wouldn't take it for so difficult of a task coming from an American celebrity life to that of a British royal but that you're not able to anticipate the drastic changes "until you're in it".

"There is a real difference between Britain and America. We may speak the same language, but it's completely two different cultures, and more so with the royal family. There are traditions. There are protocols," Montagu explained.

Both Sides of Royal Family Struggled to Make Adjustments

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Montagu concluded that she believes the adjustment was just as substantial on the other side with the royal family having to be open to someone with differing views and a different life plan, something Markle certainly had.

"You can't stop somebody from being themselves," she concluded. "Harry has grown up with a life of service. That's all he's known. Meghan, on the other hand, has grown up in a life of go-getting, a life of doing. You combine them together, and what I think is wonderful is -- rather than Meghan having to give up everything, which everybody thought she was going to have to do -- Harry has said, hang on. Do you know what? We've tried it."

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