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Police Investigating Antonio Brown on Alleged Battery Incident at Home in Florida

Gettyimages | Michael Reaves
By Zachary Holt

The gruntled and former wide receiver, Antonio Brown, just can't seem to stay out of the headlines. This past week, he lived streamed on his Instagram account page an incident where he was using a litany of profanity and derogatory comments towards the police and the mother of his children, although, Brown was not charged with anything. This time, though, the police showed up to his home in Florida and it's not looking very promising that Brown will emerge unscathed from this one.

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Details Beginning to Emerge from Police Presence at Brown's Residence


It was first reported that police cars had arrived en mass to Brown's Hollywood, Florida home yesterday afternoon. For much of the time, it was unknown why they were there and why they had come in such large numbers as if there was some sort of hostage situation. We're still learning more information, but one thing is clear: Brown is being investigated for a battery incident that occurred at his home with his trainer and a hired moving professional. Brown was not charged with anything yesterday, but his trainer, Glen Holt, was taken into custody and charged with 'burglary and battery'.

Brown Is Listed as a Suspect in the Burglary and Battery Incident

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Even more strange, police have announced that Brown is, in fact, a suspect in the case; however, they have been unable to contact him as of Wednesday morning. According to TMZ on Tuesday, confirmation of the injury to the hired moving professional was given as there was a report of an injured person. The details of the assault are currently unknown, but police are continuing their investigation, especially as it pertains to Brown. Cameron Wolfe broke the news yesterday, stating, "Hollywood police are investigating Antonio Brown for possible battery at his home today."

A Long and Exhuasting List of Legal Troubles for Brown

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This is becoming a long and exhausting list of legal issues for Brown since his dismissal from the New England Patriots several months ago. Previously, Brown was under investigation for an alleged sexual assault on a woman, but the NFL and New England Patriots were letting the due process play itself out. That is until it was revealed that Brown was sending threatening text messages to the victim, amid the investigation. Brown was subsequently released from the organization after only a game under his belt. No other team has decided to sign the problematic wide receiver since these investigations were initiated.

The Beginning of the End for Antonio Brown?

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And seemingly reeling from the loss of his football career, it's clear that Brown's mental health is at risk as he has become increasingly dangerous and careless. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, one of the industry titans in the sports world, dropped Brown as a client last week citing that he needed professional mental evaluations and help. If Brown is charged with battery, it could be the last we hear from him for some time, but then again, probably not. I mean, it is Antonio Brown.

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