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The Recording Academy Allegedly Attempted to Cover Up Harvey Weinstein's Misconduct

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By Lenny

Yet another scandal in Hollywood revolving around sexual misconduct, former CEO of The Recording Academy has come forward to speak about the male-dominated institution. Speaking specifically about the company's attempt to discriminate against her when she was seen as the transformative force behind the Grammys, Deborah Dugan is taking the Recording Academy to court.

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Deborah Dugan faced many uncomfortable situations in her professional environment regarding sexual harassment and misconduct. With her departure from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Dugan filed a complaint against the organization for not taking her claims too seriously and now the company is attempting to go to the media and defame her own career. With this public record of unlawful discrimination, Dugan has taken it upon herself to join the #Metoo movement and deconstruct the practices behind the men who help put on the Grammy Awards.

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Siding with the likes of the many victims who have experienced misconduct as well, Deborah Dugan is choosing to remove herself from the convoluted conversation that the Recording Academy is forefronting and is wanting to just go straight to court. The former CEO before her, Neil Portnow released a very telling statement after Dugan succeeded him. Portnow urging women to "step up" in order to make gains in the music industry which creates the idea that women aren't seen as equal thus insubordinate to their male counterparts like Neil Portnow.

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Many were taken back by the Recording Academy's decision to remove Deborah Dugan from their roster even American rapper, Chuck D spoke up. He stood strong next to Dugan emphasizing how the same discriminatory structures and unlawful actions that have made the Recording Academy so exclusive are still strong and have been a key component when it comes to going against certain groups of people that are mostly women.

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The Recording Academy is losing their touch with reality especially with the departure of their former female CEO, Deborah Dugan. The historic platform that has made so many artists successful is held back by the same ideologies and beliefs that have made Hollywood so restrictive according to many demographics of people. Dugan is obviously no exception when it comes to the male-dominated institution continuing to revert back to the old ways that have led to them becoming exposed by many important artists and executives. The question still remains if Deborah Dugan's public battle with the organization will result in a major change or will just prove to show that these enterprises are not ready to have the conversation that revolves around equality and comfort in the workplace for all.

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