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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Is Prince Harry Lying About Why He and Meghan Markle Left the Royal Life to Protect Her?

By Clarissa Wilson

Prince Harry recently announced that he and his wife, Meghan Markle will be stepping down from their Senior Royal Titles. Although they didn't want to step down all the way, it was what had to be done for them to be happy.

The Prince has proven that he will do anything he has to, to keep his family safe and happy. By his family, we mean his wife Markle and their son, baby Archie. He has proven this by stepping down from the Royal Family altogether to provide them with a normal and happier life.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Although, just recently Prince Harry did say in his speech he gave letting everyone know why they were stepping down from their Royal Duties, that it was his decision and not Meghan's, did he lie about this? Is he lying to protect the Duchess of Sussex, his wife?

At the beginning of this drastic change and the huge decision made by Prince Harry, he and Markle said they would turn in their Royal Titles but still support his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. However, once he met with his grandmother, his father, Prince Charles, and his brother, Prince William to take care of the details of the arrangement that was first made, he then decided it was best if they just stepped away altogether.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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Buckingham Palace made a statement regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's major decision which said, "As agreed in this new arrangement, they understand that they are required to step back from royal duties, including official military appointments. They will no longer receive public funds for royal duties.”

The statement continued stating, "With The Queen’s blessing, the Sussexes will continue to maintain their private patronages and associations. While they can no longer formally represent The Queen, the Sussexes have made clear that everything they do will continue to uphold the values of Her Majesty. The Sussexes will not use their HRH titles as they are no longer working members of the Royal Family.”

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Also. as per the agreement for stepping down, they will have to repay Queen Elizabeth for many of their major purchases, including the remodeling that was done to Frogmore Cottage.

Also, in the statement, "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shared their wish to repay Sovereign Grant expenditure for the refurbishment of Frogmore Cottage, which will remain their UK family home. Buckingham Palace does not comment on the details of security arrangements. There are well established independent processes to determine the need for publicly-funded security.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Although in his recent announcement to the public stating it was his decision to step down, is he lying to protect Markle? According to his speech, he said, "The decision that I have made for my wife and I to step back is not one I made lightly. It was so many months of talks after so many years of challenges. And I know I haven’t always gotten it right, but as far as this goes, there really was no other option. What I want to make clear is, we’re not walking away, and we certainly aren’t walking away from you.”

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Some media outlets have the theory that Meghan Markle had a hand in forcing this decision. They think it is because of the media making bold but allegedly false statements against her constantly. However, according to royal experts, it was a mutual decision between husband and wife.

Royal expert, Katie Nicholl said to Entertainment Tonight, "He said it was his decision to walk away and that really he had no choice. his was a joint decision and I think Prince Harry’s been very magnanimous by taking it all on himself. I think he’s simply doing that to protect Meghan.”

She continued saying, "Over here, all of the headlines are dominated by one word: Megxit,” Nicholl continued. “The insinuation being that she is responsible for this move [and] pulling Prince Harry over to North America. It’s really not the case. I think Harry has been looking for a way out — a way for a new life — and Meghan has simply been the catalyst. But make no mistake — this was a joint decision. Harry didn’t make it on his own and Meghan didn’t force him into it.”

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