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Fans Are Left in a Whirlwind Over Netflix's Newest Pokemon Film

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By Lenny

Pokemon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back directed by Pokemon's legendary filmmaker Kunihiko Yuyama was one of the earliest introductions of anime to the American animation market. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu quickly became a household partnership that almost every young kid in North America grew accustomed to loving through Pokemon's directorial and episodic narratives.

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The beloved entertainment brand that is Pokemon is one of the few great stories that were capable of stretching across international waters is now being revived in another format. Netflix's business tactic of rejuvenating stories we all love in order to be debuted on their very own streaming platform has become a key part of their identity as they continue to pave the way films are created, marketed, and distributed in the 21st century.


Through revamping their animation vertical by creating more animated originals and reviving previous stories that already have a huge market, Netflix is taking over every aspect of motion picture making. The new Pokemon film was debuted at the Los Angeles Anime Expo last July and is becoming nationally recognized with the release of its first official trailer.

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The real question remains if this film will hold up with the historic original film that gave everyone a soft spot for the electric yellow mouse and his human companion that has become a huge part of animated history. Fans are always concerned with readaptations, especially ones that have become significant portions of many people's childhoods. The terms of whether audience members really care about the quality of a new-age series are questionable with the wild success of the 2015 Star Wars series which many die-hard Sci-Fi fans were not happy with.


The Anime community is just as passionate about its series and films as is the hardcore Sci-Fi fans. The current president of The Pokemon Company released a statement regarding how much appreciate she has for Netflix as a platform. Exemplifying how: “Netflix is the ideal platform to help us execute a global simultaneous launch of an animated Pokemon movie on Pokemon Day, a special moment dedicated to celebrating the worldwide Pokemon fan community.”


Netflix's alliance with the Pokemon Company goes to show how integrated the streaming service is in the entertainment industry. With one of Anime-lovers' most treasured series, Netflix is shedding light on the Pokemon brand that has managed to uphold relevance over a multiple-decade long run. February is proved to be a highly-anticipated month for filmmaking and entertainment fans, alike.

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