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Antonio Brown in football uniform and a black beanie.

TONS of Police Outside the Florida Home of Antonio Brown

Gettyimages | Christian Petersen
By Nic Morales

Police are no strangers to the home of Antonio Brown, the NFL Free Agent. Over the last few months, police have been called to the home several times. Many reasons for the visits being child custody concerns with his ex, Chelsie Kyriss.

According to TMZ Sports, a recent update tells us the scene outside Brown's home is ACTIVE. It's unclear why the police have been called to this Hollywood, Florida home, but a neighbor tells TMZ about someone being in the back of a squad car.

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TMZ has had discussions with independent sources, suspecting an injured person. Sports Wizard's Twitter account has a live aerial feed outside Brown's home.

Police sources working with TMZ tell them that this altercation stems from an incident between Brown and the driver working for a moving company. Brown is being accused of Felony Battery and Burglary.

The police are currently trying to convince Brown to surrender peacefully. With one already injured, and another already arrested, we can only hope they are successful.

What's This Mean for Brown's Custody Concerns?

Antonio Brown dressed nicely in front of Pepsi banner.
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In an article put out by PopCulture, acknowledges that this ex-NFL Receiver documented a recent police encounter on Instagram. Brown's ex and mother of their three children, Chelsie Kyriss, arrived at the mansion to retrieve some clothes for their children. Something went awry, the police were called.

In a second altercation, just a few weeks later, it's reported that Brown threw a bag of gummies shaped like genitalia at his ex, and the officers at the scene. There may have also been racial slurs thrown around by Brown.

Just last week, on Jan 15, Kyriss filed for a custody arrangement between her and Brown in regards to their three children. Separation of parents is hard enough on little ones, these incidents involving the police certainly won't add any good to the situation.

What's this Mean for Brown's Career?

Antonio Brown holding football and has headphones on
Gettyimages | Michael Reaves

We asked an anonymous fan of Antonio Brown what they think about the recent developments, and this is what they said:

"It's really sad to see someone with such talent and skill throw everything away, the NFL is really missing out on an amazing player and it's not their fault, the fans too are missing out on an amazing player and it's not their fault. NFL Teams are missing out on a player that can create amazing plays and it's not even their fault, this individual is missing out on an opportunity only others dream of, and it is their own fault."

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