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Has Kiernan Shipka Put Co-star Gavin Leatherwood Under a Love Spell?

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By Mimz

Could there be blossoming romance in the air? Kiernan Shipka and Gavin Leatherwood both share the screen as love interests in the popular Netflix series, "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" and their chemistry has not gone unnoticed by viewers. Based on recent social media activity by the two, fans are wondering if the 20-year-old actress who plays the teenage witch Sabrina Spellman actually has Leatherwood under an intoxicating love spell. The pair are certainly cute onscreen and would be even cuter as an IRL couple. Let's put the clues together, shall we?

A Real Life Romance?

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Shipka and Leatherwood have been proudly displaying one another quite often on social media recently. Yes, it's common for co-stars to post about one another for the simple fact that they spend so much time together on set. However, these two seem to be posting each other way more than anyone else on the show, leading people to believe that there's something else going on between the two magic wielders. Their body language in the posts sure do hint at something a little more romantic.

Comfortable and Cozy


In their most recent Instagram posts the two appear to be very comfortable with one another. In almost every picture, they're very close - usually with an arm around the other or their faces almost touching. Yes, there are a few other photos of them doing this with other people, but they seem to be doing this more consistently with one another than anyone else.

And, on Shipka's page at least, Leatherwood doesn't only end up in multiple pictures with her one-on-one but in many group photos as well.

Could Anyone Else Be in the Picture

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The only thing that could pump the brakes on this new love affair would be someone else of romantic interest in both of their lives, which there has been speculation of. In the witchy series, Shipka's characters long-term, now ex-boyfriend Harvey Kinkle is played by Ross Lynch. Naturally, people wondered if the two would become involved, but it doesn't appear that has happened.

Shipka was also linked to Christian Coppola back in July 2019 when the two attended the Fendi show in Rome together and the actress posted a picture with the caption, "MY LOVE".

Keep Em' Guessing

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Shipka and Coppola never confirmed or denied anything but the Gen Z actress has continued to post about him as well. They posted pictures in matching Halloween costumes and she's proceeded to continue writing lovesick captions about him. But still, no confirmation.

Shrouded in mystery, it's hard to tell WHO the starlet is dating. And that's probably just how she likes it. However, it's still hard to deny the seemingly brewing chemistry between her and Leatherwood. Even if they're not together in real life, at least we can look forward to seeing them intertwined onscreen.

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