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Most Memorable Moments from Kimye/Taylor Swift Feud

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Stephanie Elmir

Taylor Swift has an ongoing feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West, and it goes deep. Years long and originated from Kanye West, there's no escaping the beef between them all.

These days everyone's been doing great. West has been busy with his "Jesus Is King" kick, not just releasing gospel music, but teaming up with Joel Osteen for scam-like church services. Kardashian-West is also on the rise in law school. Meanwhile, Swift's "Lover" was incredibly successful. But because they're doing well, it doesn't mean the hatchet is buried.

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MTV VMA Awards

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In 2009, a drunk Kanye West stole the spotlight from Swift's win for Best Video by a female artist. He took the microphone away from her and yelled that Beyonce had the greatest music video of all time. Outrage quickly followed, mostly defending Swift.

Beyonce was kind enough to give her speech time to Swift, who was a first time winner, but it wasn't enough to smooth the pain. Swift remembers crying afterward, feeling like she was robbed of her moment.

Kanye Song

Gettyimages | Mark Sagliocco

Afterward, Swift and West had reportedly made up and in 2015 handed him a Vanguard award. However, West hurtfully joked that they only wanted Swift there for ratings.

Soon after, West released his song "famous" which crudely called Swift a bitch and inferred that he made her famous. Swift was offended that she had originally agreed to a peace offering but instead was insulted.

Kardashian-West had recorded Swift agreeing to Kanye using her name in the song, which quickly turned in a Twitter thread. From then on, Swift was labeled as a snake.

Look What You Made Me Do

Giphy | 2019 MTV Video Music Awards

Swift's album "Reputation" was a call out and punch to West and Kardashian-West. She reclaimed the symbol and phrasing of the snake and put it in her dark persona. In the "Look What You Made Me Do" music video, she sings in a bathtub filled with diamonds and jewels.

Prior to this, Kardashian-West had been robbed at gunpoint with her daughter in tow, the perpetrators running off with her jewelry. It's subtle, but fans connected the dots with the general revenge theme.

Netflix Doc

Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil

Swift's Netflix Documentary "Miss Americana" is about to spill more tea on the feud. Fans and haters will get to hear Swift's opinions and experiences on the feud, how it made her feel, etc.

Showing her side of the snake and recording story, West and Kardashian-West will likely respond in some manner. They all have fulfilling careers with fans that love them, but most signs point to them continuing the feud. Whatever happens, the world is watching, and the documentary will definitely stir up conflict.

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