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Mackenzie McKee and Angie Douthit pose on steps

'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee Says 'No Angie Without Brad' In Heart-Breaking Reveal After Mom's Death

Mackenzie McKee/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Mackenzie McKee's life isn't what it used to be. The "Teen Mom OG" star's mom Angie Douthit tragically lost her battle against lung cancer at the end of 2019. Fans of the MTV franchise watched as this grandmother was diagnosed – those following Mackenzie or Angie on social media then saw Angie's condition take over.

Angie died in mid-December.

Mackenzie has given her first interview since her mom's passing, speaking honestly and openly about how her mother's loss has devastated both her and dad Brad.

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'There Was No Brad Without Angie': How Her Dad Is Holding Up

Mackenzie Mckee and sister pose with Angie Douthit
Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

Mackenzie was interviewed by Champion Daily, with the feature seeing the Oklahoma-based star open up on how dad Brad is doing.

“I never thought I would say this, but watching my dad go through this, has been more heartbreaking than losing my mom. It is the worst thing I’ve ever had to see someone go through.”

Mackenzie then made a touching celebrity reference – dad Brad and mom Angie were liked to former couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

“If you knew them, you knew that there was no Brad without Angie, and no Angie without Brad. We even would call them Brangie. Us kids took turns staying with him," she added.

'Nights Are Very Hard': Mackenzie Reveals Anxiety Attacks

Mackenzie McKee poses in leopard-print leggings
Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

Mackenzie continued by adding that she feels her mother's loss the most at night-time, even disclosing that she's suffering from anxiety attacks.

“Nights are very hard. I stay busy all hours of the day. And I’m ok. But nights are nearly impossible to get through to the morning. I run off of few hours of sleep a night no matter how many sleep aids I take. The anxiety attacks are awful, but I have hope time will heal," she added.

Together with husband Josh McKee, Mackenzie is a parent to three children.

'I Think She Worried About Me The Most'

Angie Douthit in a hospice bed
Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

Angie was definitely a family woman. This grandmother's Instagram was filled with snaps of herself and her grandchildren, with Angie herself also regularly featuring on Mackenzie's social media.

“I think she worried about me the most. It was rough raising me. She carried me through so many tough times in life. I’ve been through so much the past year of my life that God is my only hope at this point. I am and was nothing without him, And I know this would make her proud," Mackenzie added of her mother.

'She Blew Our Minds': Ran A 5K Shortly Before Passing

Mackenzie McKee and Angie Douthit pose on steps
Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

Angie's cancer diagnosis was a shock for everyone. She had never smoked a cigarette in her life and she was a marathon runner.

“She blew our minds. She got sick and wanted to change the world instead of live in anger," Mackenzie continued, adding:

"Just a month before she died she drug me to a 5k and finished. It was rough, and halfway through she messed herself which I am now realizing her liver was shutting down and we didn’t know it. She had my dad help her change and she returned to where she left off and at the last stretch she yelled with her arms up ‘I will finish the race that was set before me’ as the entire runners of the race were behind her cheering her on and my sister and her held her hands with tears in our eyes..."

Mackenzie has other things going on, though. Just recently, the star took to Instagram to promote her Body By Mac fitness company.

For more from Mackenzie, check out her Instagram.

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