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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Reunited for a Brief Moment

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By kenadijiba

In the era of “Brangelina” who would have ever thought we would be where we are now. The power couple of yesterday is now formally buried and the rebirth of the original “it couple” might be on it's way back in. When Brad and Angelina announced they were officially together the world was a buzz. The media lost its mind and so did everyday people. With all eyes on Jennifer Aniston and her being so disrespectfully blindsided by the affair of the century concerning her husband at the time Brad Pitt, it is a miracle the grace she possessed. In an ironic flip of the table “Brangelina” is no longer and both parties seem to be single. Could Jennifer and Brad find their way back to each other after such a firestorm? Does time heal all wounds? Judging by their sweet interactions at various award shows there isn't a trace of bad blood.

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The "It Couple" of The Century


If you took the time to casually ask any woman off the street as shes on her way to work whether she would take back an ex-husband who cheated on her and went on to marry the woman he cheated on her with along with having children. The response is sure to be one of absolute disgust and the repetition of the simple word no. In theory, it is socially accepted that returning to someone who stepped out on you sexually is just not up for question. But, if you take a fierce look at a majority of long-standing relationships there most likely has been infidelity. This issue is and has always been a norm of society. Now does that make it okay? Not necessarily but if Jennifer did make the choice to reignite this old flame would she be wrong.

A Slap In Angelina's Face


As for the pop culture phenomenon, Angelina Jolie also characterized in the past as the other woman when this story first hit the airways, what is her view on all this? The divorce between her and Brad in many ways has been described as Karmic because of the nature of how they came together. Wouldn't it be the ultimate revenge for Aniston to flaunt this possible homecoming? By breaking down the core of Aniston’s personality it isn't anticipated that she would if her and Brad were to date again publicly benefit from that kind of attention. Her image is one of being a wholesome and logical woman even though others might not have reciprocated her with that same respect.

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